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When you’re planning to say “I Do” to your special someone, there can be so many fine details and things to remember that can take the fun and the joy out of wedding planning. Taking a look at some of the latest trends can be a significant help, especially if you don’t have a specific vision in mind. They may remind you of things you hadn’t thought of, or help you determine ways to make your wedding special and unique. We’ve compiled some of our favourite current trends in bridal wear and Now That’s Lingerie items for your Something Blue or for your wedding night.

Shopping for a bridal gown can be one of the biggest thrills a bride receives, and often times, it’s one of the things she’s looking forward to the most. No matter what she wears, all eyes will be on her! Right now, it appears that bridal gowns are getting more and more low maintenance, with many opting for simple designs that showcase the body and let it speak for itself. On the other end of the spectrum, highly detailed gowns with intricate lace, high necklines, sheer areas, or avant-garde touches are an innovation on the glamourous, blinged out gown a luxe bride might have gone for before.


Affordable wedding dresses! From the left, a simple gown with a nice slit and a two piece via ASOS; on the right, a high neck and an a-line bridal dress, both from the H&M Conscious Collection.

Another thing we all know about bridal gowns is that they are quite costly. However, some popular retailers are addressing this issue for budget brides and creating bridal collections that are stunning at a much lower price point. H&M and ASOS are two examples of retailers who have launched bridal collections, creating very pretty and modern designs for the brides who want a gorgeous gown but can’t afford a designer one. Debates about quality and how this will revolutionize the bridal industry are afloat with this new development, but for those ladies who can’t afford to go all out on one dress, it’s salvation!

Now ladies, if there is any moment in your life where you should not cheap out on lingerie, it’s on your wedding day! The lingerie you wear isn’t just for your lover at the end of the night to feast their eyes on; it’s going to determine how your dress fits, which will affect your photos, your movement, and your comfort level. If you’re a bride who wants shapewear for a form-fitting dress, Now That’s Lingerie carries some pieces by the best shapewear providers that aren’t as restricting and unmanageable as most. We also have fabulous bridal lingerie that will be camouflaged underneath your dress, and when you take it off, your lover will love it AND you!

Of course, the most important trend of all: keeping the wedding all about YOU and your love, regardless of budget, venue, and outside influences!

What is your favourite wedding trend right now? Share with us in the comments below, or chat with us on Facebook and Twitter. Follow us on Pinterest where we pin lots of wedding-related things, and learn some lingerie tips from our YouTube channel.



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