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Bridal Feature: Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

Weddings are getting less traditional, but some traditions are just too sweet to forget. One popular tradition many couples still abide by is “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” It can be difficult to find ideas that are sentimental, so here are some sweet ideas that are affordable and will add your own personal touch.

Something Old

Wedding Photo on Bouquet via Junebug Wedding; Wedding Dress Patch via Bridal Guide

When planning for your Something Old, consider a memento from a couple you admire. Get a hold of one of their wedding photos and incorporate it into your decor or even your bouquet. It will touch them greatly, and it’ll remind you what you’re aspiring to.

Another unique idea that is growing in popularity is taking a piece of clothing from one of your loved ones and sewing a patch of it into your wedding dress. Bridal Guide uses a piece of the bride’s father’s old dress shirts, but the options are endless.

Something New

Monogram Handkerchief via Linen Whites Etsy; Personalized Champagne Flutes via Urban Farmhouse Tampa Etsy

A lot of what a bride or groom will be wearing on their wedding day is new, and one popular idea for Something New is incorporating a bride’s new name into something for the wedding. Consider getting a custom handkerchief made on Etsy with your new last name on it; for your happy tears and to show off your new family. You can also consider personalized champagne flutes (or beer mugs if that’s your drink of choice) and show them off during your wedding toasts.

Something Borrowed

Family Recipe Favours via Wedding Bells; Bridal Cake via Bridal Musings

A piece of jewelry from a loved one is always a nice option, but for your Something Borrowed, consider incorporating a family recipe into your wedding. Take a family favorite dessert recipe for your midnight table, or perhaps a combination of spices or ingredients in a jar with a recipe card as your favors. Another unique option for your Something Borrowed can be borrowed silverware or a cake cutter that you can use with your hubby to eat your first piece of wedding cake.

Something Blue

From left: Semi Sheer Lace Brazilian Panty by Montelle Intimates; Top Right: Casey Plunge Molded Seamless Bra by Affinitas Parfait; Bottom Right: Casey Lace Thong by Affinitas Parfait

Your Something Blue can be something that only your new husband gets to see, like a sexy piece of lingerie. Consider a pair of lacy, blue panties that you can show off to your husband at the end of the night. We’re sure that this is a tradition your hubby will remember for years to come.

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What are your favorite wedding traditions? Share with us in the comments below, or on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube!



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