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5 Unexpected Colour Combinations You Should Try

A lot of emotions and states of being are connected with colour, and colour is meant to be fun. So why not play with it? Especially right now, with the drabness and darkness of the winter months, it’s a better time than any to ramp up your lingerie drawer with bright hues. For an extra dose of happiness and fun, we’ve put together 5 unexpected colour combinations you should try. You can apply these to your wardrobe, or take our cues and do it with your lingerie!

Blue and Yellow

Lots of lace makes this bra and panty combination sensual and modern, with two bright colours coming together for a look that pops. Yellow can be hard for many to wear, but this effervescent and comfortable panty is too fun to say no to. There’s no reason why you can’t take two statement colours and put them together; it’s daring, but why not try something unexpected?

Nude and Purple

Nude is technically a neutral colour, so for the most part, it will go with everything. A dark purple, such as this romantic lacy panty, creates a striking contrast to the nude bra with lace detailing. This gorgeous colour combo could work well with an everyday ensemble, and especially in the fall and winter months.

Pink and White

Release your inner girly-girl with this feminine and light-hearted colour combination. This bubblegum coloured bustier with muted jacquard embroidery doesn’t need much else paired with it to make it stand out. A simple white panty with similar dainty details does the trick.

Grey and Purple

Grey and purple coming together can be sultry, and the darker the shades of each colour, the better. Once again, grey is a neutral, but also a very hard colour to incorporate with other colours. A nice, saturated purple is just the right amount of colour to complement a smokey grey.

Green and Pink

Last but not least, we have two strong colours coming together that just seem to complement each other’s brilliance. A nice, sweet rosy colour just looks so striking next to a brilliant green like in this lacy and sexy bra. A strong, vibrant hot pink would be just as fabulous and a little bit more edgy.

Are you going to try any of these five unexpected colour combinations? Share with us what your favourite one is in the comments below, or on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube!




  • Loni

    OOH! La! La!! I think definitely the green and pink for me!! Looking at them gives me a case of “shopping wants”. Have to check it out for sizes.

  • admin

    Hello Loni,

    Isn’t it a beautiful combination! We hope you find the items you love in your size and fall in love with them! 🙂

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