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Essentials in fashion are just that; essential pieces for you to consider adding to your wardrobe to make it complete. Once you have the essentials, you can build up your wardrobe with trendy pieces and special items that speak to you. Often, these essentials don’t change. Sometimes, however, they evolve, and are adapted into new items that can take your essentials up a notch. Right now, your basic tee is no longer basic – it’s being replaced by the bodysuit. Bodysuits, which is a basic term for many alike garments, are being worn as a basic bottom layer for several on-trend outfits. On #ShopNTL, we are loving this new trend and we want to show you how to wear it with some great inspiring outfits and bodysuit-like garments available on #ShopNTL.

So what exactly is a bodysuit? Essentially, it’s a garment that starts from a top and extends all the way down to the crotch, where it meets in the middle. It’s been popularized as a garment for dance costumes, as it’s easy to throw a bottom over it without having to worry about movement. That’s part of the appeal of the garment; one can easily tuck it in to their denim, skirts, and so much more, without it coming out as a regular tee would. It’s also inspired a lot of lingerie, with teddies and corsolettes appearing quite similar to the garment, as we’ll see a little later.

Bodysuit Compilation created with Polyvore

Bodysuit Compilation created with Polyvore

The most basic bodysuit is a blank canvas and can be turned into virtually anything. It can be your modern jeans and tee uniform taken up a new level with high waisted denim and some cool accessories, like a fun statement necklace or strands of pendants. Throw on a pencil skirt and a blazer and you have an easy and comfortable work uniform. The opportunities are endless just as they are with a tee.

Bodysuit Inspired Outfit via Forever 21, found on Pinterest

Bodysuit Inspired Outfit via Forever 21, found on Pinterest

If you’re looking to get a little bit more adventurous, marry the bodysuit trend with the lingerie as outerwear trend and try using your teddy or corsolette as inspiration for a show-stopping outfit. A pyjama pant, a soft pant, or even a palazzo pant would be a dramatic bottom that would complement the teddy nicely. Add a cool jacket or sweater and you are ready to take the town.

On #ShopNTL, we have some sexy little lacy teddies if you’d like to make a statement both inside and out of the bedroom. Alternatively, there are also some shapewear corsolettes that will give you a smooth silhouette while also helping you play into the trend. Whether you’re looking for that basic and seamless style or that bold, lingerie look, we can help you replace your basic tees with a bodysuit.

What do you think of this trend – are you thinking of trying it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. You can also chat with us on Facebook and Twitter and ask us anything you’d like about lingerie and fashion or any of our products. We’re also on Pinterest where we find a lot of our fashion inspiration that we love to share with you. Learn more of our lingerie tips and tricks from our YouTube channel.



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