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Fashion Designers Who Have Also Made Lingerie

Fashion design is a true art form; a piece is conceptualized, designed, and created for the world to admire. The same can be said about lingerie. Fashion designers know this, and have been expanding their range of what they offer to the world for some time. At #ShopNTL, we love knowing the stories behind the brands we carry and the brands we admire as well. So here are some of our favourite fashion designers who we would love to have dress us outside AND inside of the bedroom.
Calvin Klein – Calvin Klein Lingerie

We are so proud to carry Calvin Klein lingerie for both women and men, as Calvin Klein is responsible for some of the most iconic underwear imagery of all time. A celebrity who has the chance to model Calvin Klein underwear is immediately skyrocketed into our radar. The lovely thing about Calvin Klein lingerie is there is something for everyone; from classic cotton designs with the signature logo, to lacy and racy numbers. Calvin Klein has been a powerhouse in the fashion industry for decades, with an empire in almost any lifestyle industry imaginable.

Stella McCartney

McCartney is known not only for having a famous father, but for her animal-friendly initiatives that translate into everything she creates. She has been creating fun and funky fashion for years, and also recently decided to delve into the world of lingerie. With her big heart, she’s used her lovely designs for good, and currently has a lingerie collection bringing awareness to breast cancer, with lovely pink items and a mastectomy bra. Her lingerie reflects her fashion design aesthetic; very cool and sophisticated, with light whimsical details.

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta has designed some of the most iconic and beautiful gowns the world has ever seen. He is a powerhouse in many lifestyle industries, including sleepwear, with beautiful lines of gorgeous sets, caftans, robes, and chemises for the glamourous goddess. While his lingerie is not in everyone’s price range, it can be admired as works of art with beautifully thought-out details and luxurious fabrics synonymous with de la Renta.

Jean Paul Gaultier x La Perla (PAST)

Lingerie from the Jean Paul Gaultier x La Perla collection via Vogue UK

Lingerie from the Jean Paul Gaultier x La Perla collection via Vogue UK

Oh, how we wish these two would revive their relationship and continue to make lingerie collection. It is easy to see the love of lingerie in Jean Paul Gaultier’s collections from past to present. He has always outwardly admired the art form, creating the very iconic cone bra for Madonna in the 1990’s. So a few years ago, he collaborated with La Perla to create a very luxurious lingerie collection. The collection was provocative, intricately designed, with a very strong sex appeal.

What do you think of fashion designers blurring the lines between industries and designing items other than clothing? Share with us in the comments below! You can also chat with us on Facebook and Twitter, where we’re always open to discuss our Bra Doctor blogs and any lingerie-related questions you might have. Our Pinterest is also full of fashion and lingerie inspiration so be sure to give us a follow on there. Finally, if you want some lingerie tips, check out our YouTube channel.



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