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Bridal Trends: Mismatched Bridesmaids

If you’ve watched any of those TLC wedding reality shows (don’t lie, you have!), you know that choosing a bridesmaid dress can be a challenge, and can even ruin friendships!

How do you pick an outfit for your bridesmaids when they’re all so different – not just in personality, but also style, and shape? Luckily, there’s the mismatched bridesmaid trend that’ll work for your theme AND make your bridesmaids happy!

It may seem difficult to make your bridesmaids all look cohesive while letting them choose their own dress, but there are a couple of tricks to make it work.

Same Color, Different Dress

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If your best gals have different body types and you want them to feel comfortable on your special day, try letting them search for their own style in a color you love. These wine-colored dresses are all different, and yet they flow together seamlessly! Provide a color palette or color swatches they can take shopping with them.

Skirt and Top Combo

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Some girls don’t like to reveal their arms, or don’t feel their boobs are secure in a strapless frock. Pick out an easy maxi skirt in the color of your choice, and let them choose their own top – an easy yellow and white combo like the one pictured is so fresh and pretty!

Complementary Colors/Patterns

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This mismatched trend takes a good eye for complementary colors, but you can easily look for colors that you enjoy seeing together. Try finding shades that are similar, like these light pinks and peaches that all flow nicely.

Stick With a Theme

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If you really want to let your bridesmaids look unique but have a theme in mind, let them know so they can shop for something they love that meshes well with your wedding. For example, if you’re having a boho wedding, they can wear floral maxis in natural colors. Or if you’re having a glamorous, vintage affair, let them choose dresses with glitter, fringe, or slinky silhouettes.

TIP FOR THE BRIDE: If you think you want to try this, get your girls to send you a picture of the dress they’re considering to get your approval. You don’t want your bridesmaids spending a lot of money on a dress that doesn’t suit your vision and risks disappointment. Giving the ladies this freedom to be more involved in the choice can go too far very fast!

What do YOU think of the mismatched bridesmaid trend?

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