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What Confidence Means To Us

Hello Lingerie Lovers,

Welcome back to our Blog! Today, we wanted to talk to you about Confidence.

We all know that the right outfit can make you feel confident and sexy but not if you are wearing the wrong bra. What we wear under our clothes is just as important, if not more so, than our fabulous outfits.

Think about it… A gorgeous strapless dress that keeps falling/sliding off your petite chest or boobs coming out from every angle of your cute (but tight) tank top. Wearing the right bra can make all the difference.

Whether you need more volume up top or you need to tame your wild ones, there is a bra for every shape and size that will make you feel confident and beautiful.

Here is a video on the type of bras that make us feel confident and on top of the world. Hope you enjoy it! 😉

Watch What Confidence Means (To Us), featuring Felicia and Lily from Now That’s Lingerie


We would love to hear from you! Tell us what makes you feel most confident in the closest thing to your skin.

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Watch this video on Now That’s Lingerie 


After 25 years in the lingerie industry, I've helped thousands of women feel confident and look fantastic in their lingerie. I'm the resident Bra Doctor for Now That's, which I founded over ten years ago as a way to help cater to the needs of as many women possible! I receive dozens of e-mails from women who can't seem to feel comfortable in their bras. I'm here to show that you CAN find a bra that works for you. Sometimes all you need are little tips! I hope you enjoy my bra fitting advice, experiences and thoughts. I'll also be sharing news about lingerie giveaways and deals that can't be missed. Contact me personally for personalized help finding your perfect fit:




  • Lonnie

    Hello girls, I just wanted to thank the Bra Doctor for helping me find the right bras. after several consultations with her and trying a couple of different bras,she helped me find the right size and particularly cup size. I had tried various brands before I met her (40b & 40C sizes) and to my chagrin I found out from her that I was wearing the wrong size and too many underwire bras. She got me to start wearing wire free bras such as the Grenier Serenade lace bra which has become one of my favorites. When I have that bra on under almost any top I feel confident and sexy! For work, which I do work very physically all day, she fitted me with Grenier Easy fit full support wire free (size 40 d). I have a few Olga also in 42C. They are very good for my type of work and so comfortable all day. And they keep my girls in place. No worry of sliding out or pinching. I still have some wonderful fitting Change underwires(pushup style) They seem to be a super good fit also in 40D. anyway, I just wanted to thank Celine & Nowthatslingerie for great service and great products. By the way, my Eva floral print bra is still my favorite. I wear it in great confidence!

  • admin

    Hi Lonnie!
    Thank you so much for the lovely comment!! You are always so sweet and it’s always a pleasure to help you find pretty bras that make you feel confident and feminine in your skin!

    Speak to you soon for your new lingerie selections & personal recommendations 🙂


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