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Don’t Skip Dessert! Try This Instead…

Tis the season to eat and be jolly! Yes, that’s right: that means a lot of holiday food to be eaten! Have no fear, I’m here to help you survive any excessive consumption of food you’ll be eating without looking like you gained a pound. Let me introduce you to shapewear, my friends! The right shapewear will give the appearance of a slimmer tummy, thighs & bum. It can create a beautiful hourglass figure! There are many different styles of shapewear, so you have to make sure to get the type that best suits your body and needs. If you’re trying to hide your tummy there are special types of shapewear suited just for that purpose. Same goes for thighs, bums, waist etc… Let me guide you!

Slimming Camisole

So comfortable! 3100 Perfect Body Shapewear Shaping Camisole With Powernet by Naturana Lingerie

I’ll start with the slimming camisole. This is such a fantastic everyday item! You can wear it underneath essentially anything or even with a blazer or sweater over it. My favourite are the Grenier 7403 (it has an underwire to give you a bit more shape, support and lift) and the Naturana 3100 (sleek and seamless) because they’re both comfortable. The best part of is the bottom portion of the camisole, specially designed to keep those love handles and “muffin tops” at bay. You’ll be VERY appreciative of that extra hold when you’re sitting down or wearing low rise jeans and some of those curves spill out of control!

Slimming Thigh Shaper

496 Seamless Microfiber High Waist Control Panty Grenier by Grenier Lingerie

Why is it that those stupid inner and outer thigh machines never work? I swear, I can use those machines for hours at a time and NO change! It’s almost impossible to get rid of that extra jiggle except for when I wear shapewear. My thighs just magically look so sleek and sexy! These thigh-slimming shapewear come in a variety of different styles. You can get the high-waisted ones that that go above your belly, or start at your waist and just cover your bottom half, like the Grenier 496 high waist control panty.These will come in handy when wearing a fitted dress or pants. I promise, NO one will even know what you’re wearing underneath! Unless you’re Khloe Kardashian and decide to wear a vertical high slit dress while wearing thigh shapewear under it. Ladies, let’s learn from her fashion mistake! Another bonus for thigh-shapers: they also smooth your hips and make your derriere look positively radiant!

High-Waisted Panties

Not so scary eh? 😉 532 Lace Sensation High Waist Control Brief by Triumph Lingerie

Don’t be frightened by their similarity to “granny panties” (read my other blog for more about these)! High-waisted control panties reach the belly button or can go just above, but they don’t have to look unapproachable and scary. I personal love these type of panties when I’m wearing a dress because I feel like they hold me in better than anything else. For people like myself who don’t count every little calorie they consume (what can I say? I have a healthy appetite!), it’s impossible to have that perfectly flat stomach. No matter how many crunches and bridges I do, I’ll never get rid of that little pouch at the bottom of my tummy (I’m convinced it’s there to stay). So for ladies like myself who want tummy control, I highly suggest wearing the Triumph’s 532 high-waist control brief or Change’s Hold In Hold Up Panties.

The Dress Slip: The All-In-One Control Garment

Gorgeous! 14390 Shapewear Basic Seamless Shaping Shift Dress Slip by Cybele

With the holidays coming up one right after the other, I know you ladies are all looking for that perfect dress. There are so many parties coming up (work Christmas party, New Year’s Eve, Christmas Eve, family get together etc…). We all want to look our best and show off our sexy curves. What better way to do that than with a form-fitting dress? Show off some sexy (though tasteful) flashes of cleavage and emphasize your natural shape. A way to accentuate all the right curves is to wear a dress slip. Cybele offers a Shapewear Basic Seamless Shaping Shift Dress Slip and Shapewear Basic Seamless Shapewear Half-Slip depending on which areas you want to smooth out the most. I say if you’re wearing a snug LBD, go for the full slip. You wear it with a bra and it will perk up your chest, slim out your tummy, eliminate back fat, smooth your love handles and thighs. Plus, if you’re having “special company” over for a nightcap, you won’t have the need to be embarrassed if they find your smooth shaping slip, because it looks very sexy on. Beauty meets functionality!

As you can tell, there are many benefits to wearing shapewear! You can instantly get a sleeker, smoother and curvier looking body in seconds. More than that, it gives confidence. Plus, I feel so much better knowing that I’m wearing controlwear underneath my outfit. It makes my body feel like it’s putting its best foot forward. I feel more confident to stuff my face because I know, all will be kept in as long as I’m wearing my control wear!

Now it’s time to dig into that delicious plate of turkey, gravy and stuffing! Bon Appetit!

I want to hear from all of you! Do you wear shapewear? If so, for what part of your body?

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P.S. Please note that I am not trying to promote overeating during the holidays, or at any time. I’m simply saying that if you do eat a little more than usual you can counter the extra bloating with some good controlwear.





  • Lonnie

    Great Article Felicia,
    I won’t have enough will power to skip desserts this time of year, but I also will feel secure in my shapewear from NTL. I love my Change Hold In Hold Up panties too. They are great for hiding that tummy of mine and comfortable to wear all day. Also love my Naturana bodysuit under my tighter fitting dresses. Keeps me feeling slim through the waist & tummy area. Thanks for your thoughts

  • Lonnie

    I recently got the Grenier 6500 Glamour bodysuit. Firm control and lots of lace!! A sexy bodysuit if there ever was one! Just perfect for the holidays!! Perfect to show a little !

  • admin

    Hi Lonnie, thanks for your feedback! The styles you mentioned by Change and Naturana are some of my personal favorites as well. Celine agrees! Every woman should have a great pair of high-waisted control panties they can wear anywhere, anytime! And there’s nothing like a slimming controlwear bodysuit that shapes your curves without leaving behind any seams! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts on our shapewear, I’m so glad you’re enjoying your Now That’s Lingerie purchases (as always!).

  • admin

    Lonnie, the Glamour collection by Grenier is one of the nicest… it’s a vintage look with incredible support. For anyone who’s wondering how beautiful it really is, check it out here:

    As always thanks so much for your feedback! We love that you love Now That’s Lingerie!

  • admin

    PS it’s awfully hard to skip desserts, especially during the holidays. There’s something about those little decorated gingerbread men and women that is utterly irresistible!

  • Dane

    Thanks for bumping this on fb. I must have miessd it the first go ’round. It was just what I needed this morning. I laughed so much! The kids wanted to see what was so funny. But I knew they wouldn’t get it, so I’ll have to share with the girls 20 years from now! Write a book!

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