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Fashion is a more fast paced industry than lingerie, but lingerie does have its fair share of trends.

When lingerie trends emerge, especially as lingerie is now integrated into everyday wear, you may want to completely immerse yourself in it. But just like fashion, lingerie trends don’t always replace the timeless necessities that will take you farther than what’s currently hot and in style.

How do you differentiate between what’s trendy and timeless? Well, consider how versatile the trendy piece is, and if you have those timeless options to make up for what the trend may not do for you.

Bralettes: Trendy

Bralettes are fantastic; they’re sexy, they help you embrace your natural shape, and because they are so popular, they are being made with more support and more range so every lady can wear them. However, a bralette is not necessarily a timeless piece, and they don’t work for every occasion.

Because bralettes tend not to have cups or wires, they don’t work in most professional environments. So save them for the nights out, the casual weekends, and the Instagram snaps. Unless you’re buying bralettes with cups and wires – which, let’s face it, most of us love the daintiness and freedom that comes with bralettes – they also don’t have the longstanding support you should have in your lingerie arsenal.

Sports Bras: Timeless

Athleisure has pushed sports bras into the forefront, and many women who wouldn’t usually buy them are now finding their drawers full of them. Even though sports bras keep you in fashion, they are truly a timeless piece worth the investment for every woman.

You don’t have to be a gym junkie to need a sports bra. Even when doing light activity, you should always wear a sports bra. They’re also a great alternative on those excruciatingly hot summer days when you need to let the ladies breathe.

No matter how durable your other bras might be, they just don’t substitute for a well-made sports bra when you’re doing any type of physical activity. Sports bras are built to withstand the friction and strain your breasts endure when working out.

Slip or Slip Dress: Timeless

Slips are no longer just an extra layer for modesty; they are dresses in their own right. Whether you pair them with sneakers, a blazer and some heels, or whatever, they’ve made their mark in the fashion world and we don’t think that’s going to change.

However, slips are always good to have for their original purpose; to add an extra layer under a dress or even as a layering piece for other outfits.

Have you ever been shopping and fallen in love with a cute dress, only to put it back on the rack because it’s see through under bright lighting? If you have a slip in your closet, you don’t have to say no to something you love.

Bodysuits: Trendy – but maybe timeless soon?

Celebrities and street style stars have made a strong case for bodysuits being a staple for our wardrobes. There are literally so many ways you can wear a bodysuit that for some of us, we’re buying less tees and embracing the sexy, body-conscious style, regardless of our shape.

This is one of those things that is actually very trendy, but we could see becoming timeless in the next few years. It’s by far not a necessity, but bodysuits are truly versatile and can be seen as a sort of modern basic.

Boyshorts: Timeless

We’ve become so much more open as to what constitutes sexy as a society, and with that, boyshorts have come to light as being a very sexy, easygoing underwear trend. Sort of a borrowed from the boys, androgynous feel, which is super hot!

But boyshorts have been around for a long time, and they will always be a staple piece. They are comfortable, breathable, and there are bounties of seamless options that can really be worn with anything. They’re also a good option for active lifestyles as opposed to the frilly lacy bits we like too.

What is one lingerie piece that you believe is a must-have for everyone?

Let us know in the comments below!

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