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Undergarments are to fashion like foundation is to cosmetics; it can be complicated, but wearing the right stuff is necessary in achieving what look you are going for. When it comes to dresses, whether it’s a little party dress, or an everyday dress you might wear to work, wearing the right undergarments underneath can really dictate how the dress fits you. To help you dress to impress with some of the biggest dress trends right now, we’re going to show you some essential lingerie and/or accessories available on Now That’s Lingerie to go with each fabulous style.

Sheer Dress

A sheer dress can come in varying degrees; it can be a lighter fabric and appear semi-sheer, or it can be almost sheer lace. Whatever you choose, chances are, you’ll want to go with a bra and panty set that is the perfect fit in either a nude or a skin tone. However, if you want to be trendy and feel a little bit frisky, why not go for a black lace bra and high waisted panty?! That is if the occasion calls for it.

Cold Shoulder Dress

A cold shoulder dress can come in so many shapes, from light and flowy to slinky and sleek. Whatever the case may be, a strapless bra is probably going to be the easiest choice. You don’t have to worry about bra straps slipping and sliding and becoming exposed through the cold shoulder. Again, fit is key, so you can avoid adjusting all night.

Dress with Cutout Back

You may not always need a special bra with a cutout back dress. However, it all depends on where the cutout hits you. You can opt to show off your bra if you choose, but there are also bra back extenders that can help mask it while still wearing a bra. Once you attach the bra back extender, you want to pull the back down as much as you need to until your bra disappears from the cutout. You may need a little bit of assistance to achieve this.

Body Conscious Dress

Body conscious dresses are sexy, and yes, every shape and size can wear one if she picks the right size. A lot of bodycon dresses are designed with fabric and stitching to be as flattering as possible, but your undergarments can help too. Of course, you can choose shapewear if you want to feel completely smooth underneath. However, if you don’t like the tightness of shapewear, go with a seamless bra and panty set. Fit, of course, is crucial, and ladies – you don’t have to wear a thong!

Low Cut

A little bit of plunge never hurt anyone! However, you probably don’t want the centre gore of your bra poking through, even if it is super cute. Plunging bras are fantastic as they flow seamlessly with a low cut dress, and also offer great support and lifting power. Depending on how low the dress goes, you may not need the plunging bra, but it’ll give you the best effect in terms of lift and invisibility.

Ultra Low Cut/Low Back Dress

Every now and then, you’ll stumble across a dress that has intricate cutout detailing, unique angling of cutouts or sheer elements, or is VERY low cut in the front. If you dare to wear these dramatic styles, chances are, you’ll have to go braless. You can try little cutlets for a little bit of lift, or just go natural! However, we highly recommend that whatever you do, you wear a nipple cover. It’ll offset any reaction to temperature change you might have!

Do you know any tips for picking the right undergarments for your dress? Share your thoughts in the comments below, or chat with us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also pin your favourite styles directly from the blog and follow us on Pinterest. Learn more tips and tricks on our YouTube channel.



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