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Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Hey ladies! Need some last minute Halloween ideas? Tired of spending oodles of cash on a one-time wear?

Well, here are a few quick and easy last minute ideas to get you in the spirit of Halloween without spending more than a few bucks!

Keeping true to one of the Top Halloween Costume Trends for 2011, why not dress up as pirate? All you need is a pair of leggings (which all women own), a long or baggy blouse (try even borrowing one from a male companion), and a simple pair of black boots! To accessorize, use a single hoop earring, add a belt to the waist, and take a cloth napkin or an old shirt or rag and use it as a head bandana! To add just a little more to the costume, check our your local dollar store and pick up a black piece of felt and some string to make a quick and easy eye-patch, and pick up a stuffed or crafted bird to tie to your shoulder!


In lieu of the recent remake of the movie Footloose, why not take some inspiration from the 80’s; As number 4 on the top 10 Sexy costumes for women 2011, your Flashdance/Footloose costume will be easy to create. Again you’ll need those tights! Use a big pair of socks or legwarmers, a simple pair of sneakers, and a shirt that falls off the shoulder! Be sure to tease and curl that hair; The bigger the better!


Time for idea number three! Based on the Top Celebrity costume for 2011, women of all ages will be putting together the most outrageous outfits with glitter, insane make-up, and fun inanimate objects; Lady Gaga is the person to be! This costume is very easy too: all you need to do is put together the most interesting things you can find around the house, some great high-heeled shoes (extra points if they are glittery) and fancy accessories. Worst case scenario: you can always tie some crazy items from your refrigerator to your head!


Do you have any last-minute costume ideas for us ladies to wear this Halloween weekend?  Tell us by commenting below, on Twitter or Facebook or e-mail me!



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