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The Last Minute Costume –or, A Hallowe’en Nightmare

So you’ve decided you’re not going to do anything ‘big’ for Halloween this year.  You want some quiet time for relaxation, or perhaps have unfinished work that you want to complete, or maybe you’re just not up to the candy, the shenanigans, the dressing-up and the parties (you know, the fun) this year.

Then a friend calls, or a co-worker walks by and says “You should really come, it will be fun!” and you think to yourself, “Why not…”  After work, you rush to the costume shop, only to find that the selection’s been picked over already, and the one or two you think would ‘do’ are out in your size.  What to do?  Panic.

Just kidding… because this year, we come to the rescue (again!) with a few last-minute costumes that you can put together –with items you probably already have in your wardrobe!  The best part?  You can still use these pieces even after Halloween is long over.  So step away from that cheap, polyester/nylon ‘second best’, and keep reading!


1.  Are you every inch the princess?  If so, grab that tulle skirt and cardigan out of your closet… because a Grace Kelly costume never goes out of style!  (She wore strappy sandal heels with this ensemble… but if it’s too cold, go ahead and slip on a pair of fabulous pumps!)  To make the look slightly more modern yet still glam, try out this tip via  Take one end, pull to the other side to achieve a wrapped effect, and then pin with a sparkly brooch!  Tres chic!

(This costume works best for warm, heated parties indoors.)

2.  If you’d rather focus on the items that don’t see much use very often, you may want to go as Audrey Hepburn… pull out that little black dress, grab your mum’s pearls –or perhaps you have your own– then finish it off with those cats’ eye shades, some kitten heels, a sexy pair of opera gloves… and of course, a croissant.  Those come in handy, and a bit of delish to nibble on never hurt!

(Because we’re talking about probably some of the most prized items in your closet, (the LBD, pearls, and shades) this costume works best for civilized Hallowe’en parties… perhaps at a pub, or some function where things won’t get rowdy and drinks get spilled –at least more than usual!)

3.  What can we say about Sandy?  She’s a sweet girl with a hidden rebel side… just how we like it!  Leather pants have enjoyed continued popularity in the world of fashion trends, and every woman is sure to already own one in her closet.  Slip them on, add that basic black crop top you wore throughout summer, cinch the waist with a statement belt, tease that hair, and slip on a pair of outrageous heels with platforms… not too outrageous if you want to dance with your Danny, though!

(This costume works best for indoor parties and dancing clubs.  It may be a bit chilly for outdoor parties, but if you want your Danny to lend you his leather jacket, well… we don’t blame you!)

4.  Got a tracksuit?  Then you’re all set to be the vengeful… er, Bride of Kill Bill.  Don’t forget the katana blades –they will come in handy for swiping at any exes should you encounter them!  (We joke!)

(Go crazy with this costume!  Tracksuits are made for tough love!)

And a few tips for the gents –with some ‘couple’ costume ideas:

 1.  Neo.  ‘Nuff said.  This man’s mysterious, suave, edgier than an edge itself, and he knows a thing or two about a great pair of shades.  We’re not sure if guys would have something robe-like in their closets, but you can look to the 2nd picture for inspiration –his outerwear seems more trench coat than cassock there!  Now all you need are a tux and a pair of shoes (if you want the sleek look) or a black shirt and cargo pants with boots for the action hero.  Finish it off with the semi slicked back spikes in front, and a fantastic pair of shades.  We suggest Oakley.  Neo probably does, too.

2.  James Bond, 007.  Ahh, the infamous number.  That infamous name.  That infamous man.  Break out the tux, complete with undone bowtie.  For a couple act, your girlfriend can be the strong, smart and sexy Bond Girl.  But just to warn you ahead of time, she will probably steal the show.  You can try stealing it back, but you may not succeed.  (Camille’s dress in this scene was by Prada… way to kick butt in style!)

3.  For an alternative that’s still a ‘killer’, try going as Mr. & Mrs. Smith.  And yes, Angelina was showing that leg way back then, too.

Here’s hoping your Halloween costume isn’t a last minute rush, but if it is… what is your secret to getting that perfect ensemble?  Have a safe and BOO-tiful Halloween!

Share your last-minute Halloween costume ideas with us! Comment below, or tell us on Facebook and Twitter.


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