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Eco-Friendly Fabrics!

Hi Ladies!

Well, I must say, it is nice to be back in Montreal. Despite the bitter cold, it felt great to step out of the airport yesterday evening and inhale the crisp, fresh air. While I am anxiously awaiting spring’s arrival, the fact of the matter is that Montreal is a beautiful city all year round. Its gorgeous, cobblestone streets in the Old Port and the diversity of its people make Montreal a truly cosmopolitan urban centre. But what would Montreal be without the wooded slopes of Mont Royal, the St. Lawrence River and its countless parks? The city would be almost unrecognizable.


Serendipity Cotton Eyelet Strapless Corset by Blush Lingerie

Serendipity Cotton Eyelet Strapless Corset by Blush Lingerie

This is one of the many reasons I believe in living an eco-friendly lifestyle – and trust me, it’s easier than it seems! Contributing to the preservation of our wonderful environment can be as simple as eating one vegetarian meal per day, committing to the use of reusable shopping bags or cutting a couple of minutes of your usual shower time. Many industries have already taken action towards minimizing their carbon footprint, including the wonderful world of fashion!

By using natural materials in the clothing they produce, companies are helping their consumers make a difference. Bamboo, for example, requires a remarkably low amount of water to grow, and not only that, but it actually has natural antibacterial properties – meaning no pesticides are used in its production and clothing that does not retain odor like other fabrics can! Cotton, too, is an excellent choice for the environmentally friendly fashionista, as sunlight transforms the plant into a fibre even before harvesting, eliminating energy-hungry intermediate processing steps.

Here are some examples of eco-friendly pieces from Arianne, Bra Doctor, Change of Scandinavia, Elita and Eva lingerie. Who knew being green could look this good?

Light Luxury Cotton Hipster Panty by Bra Doctor Lingerie

Light Luxury Cotton Hipster Panty by Bra Doctor Lingerie

Bra Doctor’s Light Luxury Low-Rise Hipster: Keep it simple with this comfy and versatile panty! Made with cotton and a nice low-rise shape, these are great for low slung jeans and offer full bum coverage in skirts and dresses.

Elita’s Bamboo Camisole With Shelf Bra: A cami & a bra all in one! Sleek silhoutte, smoothes out any lumps & bumps, prevents too much cleavage and can even be worn on its own, without a bra!

Naturana Plus Sizes 3-Section Full Cup Underwire Bra: Naturana offers some excellent plus-size options, this one included. Pretty and ultra-practical, this three-section bra provides comfortable lift, with wide straps and wings to keep you from tumbling out!


Bamboo Camisole with Shelf Bra by Elita Lingerie

Bamboo Camisole with Shelf Bra by Elita Lingerie

Elita Bamboo Classic High-Cut Brief: Another great panty, this one is higher-cut, great for the high-waisted trend that’s making itself known for yet another summer!

Blush Serendipity Cotton Eyelet Strapless Corset: This sweet corset proves that cotton can be sexy too! A 50’s-inspired, vintage-looking option that is both eye-catching and versatile with its removable straps, this piece can’t be beat, and looks incredible when paired with matching panties and a garter belt – also offered by Blush lingerie.

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  • Lonnie

    Hi Rachel,
    What a good article ! I just wanted to say that I have had, for sometime now, the Elita bamboo camisole and high cut pantie. They are such a great, comfortable fit and I have even worn the outfit as a bathing suit. I even took it on a couple of cruises to wear by the pool! Its a perfect top on the cruise, because you can wear it just like a regular top into the buffet area for lunchtime or a mid afternoon snack! Whats nice also is that it dries out so fast even on cooler days. I like the fact that it is made of eco-friendly fabric. I am all for making a better environment. thanks again for this article.

  • rachel

    Hello Lonnie!
    Thank you so much. I absolutely LOVE the fact that you were able to use the Elita bamboo pieces as a bathing suit – what a brilliant idea! I must also add that I am infinitely jealous of your cruise, haha. I could certainly use some fun in the sun right about now!
    Always so great to hear from you 🙂

  • Lisa

    Bamboo is always an easy favorite! I bet you were super comfy in those on your cruise! 🙂 So lucky.

  • Lonnie

    Thank you Rachel & Lisa,
    The Bamboo top is, I think, ideal for a cruise. My next time on a cruise , which will be soon, I think that I will see about getting the top & pantie in another color. Not only did I wear it at the pool, but also early in the morning I walk on the walking path they have on the ship. The material breathes with you even when perspiring. I would simply after walking or working out in the spa, take it and wash it in my room at the sink and hang it up to dry. I would then go for breakfast and usually by the time I would come back it was dry. I then could choose to wear it off of the ship while sightseeing or again lounge by the pool with my favorite book. And when the temperature got hotter, I would jump in the pool. I always take it on every cruise. Its a perfect “cruise top”. And a more comfortable top and pantie, I do not have. I think you girls should plan an “all girl” cruise this summer. Count me in !!!

  • Liz Brown

    Who knew that Lingerie & Swimwear could be so Eco-Friendly and Sexy at the same time…Thanks for the informative article
    “Sexy Lingerie for the Diva in You!”

  • rachel

    Lonnie, wow! You weren’t lying when you said the Bamboo was ideal for a cruise – looks like it really is a great choice in just about any situation. I, myself, have never been on a cruise but I would love to go on one. A girl’s cruise sounds like a blast to me!

    Liz, thank you so much for your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the article! As the shameless vintage addict I am, I really enjoyed that section of your site – gorgeous!

  • LED lighting panels

    Even in lingerie we can be ECO friendly? Wow! That’s a new discovery to me. Thanks for this blog. I am going to tell this to every girl friends that I know.

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