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Comfy, Cozy Loungewear

Hi Readers,

Before I go on, let me just say, “Brrr!” – is it ever cold out there!  I don’t know about you, but on days like today I can think of nothing more satisfying than curling up with a good book and staying indoors. On my list of necessities for these comfy-cozy “me days” are the following:

1. Some good, escapist reading material
2. Black Chai Tea (with plenty of milk and sugar!)
3. Smooth, easy-listening background music
4. Light, comfortable and non-restrictive loungewear!

Since I am a total closet nerd, I’ve got mountains of books and, lucky for me, I have boxes upon boxes of tea in my cupboard (thanks to my loving mother and my grandmother – who swears by tea as the surefire cure for every ailment under the sun).  Also, being the music addict I am, I’ve got a stack of new albums just begging for me to play them. Needless to say I won’t be running out of these things anytime soon!

The deciding factor in my enjoyment of all three, however, is often what I’m wearing! After all, how captivated can you be by a moving book or song, if all you can think about is how itchy the waistband on your pants is? While I confess, I’ve got one trusty pair of very old, rather tattered, acid-wash sweatpants, on “personal days” such as these – when rest, relaxation and rejuvination is my ultimate goal – I’d rather slip into something soft and pretty!

Blush and Arianne are two lines of lingerie that offer some truly sophisticated and excellent quality that are so comfy you might forget you’re wearing anything at all, without sacrificing style for comfort! I am infatuated with the Midnight Affair Striped Silk Cotton Pants by Blush Lingerie; the thick waistband doesn’t cut into my belly (yep, I’ll admit to a little pooch!) and the cute button embellishments offer a unique touch. Arianne’s Liliane Camisole with Adjustable Straps is great, too! As a woman who needs a little support to feel comfortable, the adjustable straps of this cami are invaluable, and the bright pink colour is absolutely adorable.

Well, I’m off to curl up and enjoy my day off. Here’s hoping you will all get the chance to do the same over the weekend!

Keep Warm!





  • Sexy Girl Rock

    Boyshorts and a cami are perfect attire for lounge wear. We customize too, check us out….

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