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What’s the easiest way to update your style without necessarily spending money? That’s re-imagining the wardrobe you currently have! Some of the trends that emerge with each burgeoning season require you to buy all new pieces, but others have you put together your current wardrobe in new ways, or even buy one or two things to spruce up what you own. One great trend big for this Fall is mixing patterns, and it’s not just for the expert stylista. There are some simple tricks to mixing patterns, and we have some inspiration with #ShopNTL pieces for you to mix up your wardrobe into a whole new dimension.

Bring your florals into Fall by combining them with a subtle stripe. It’s a bold look for sure, but one of the most popular and easy pattern combos to pull off. You can try a floral dress with a striped bag, a very muted pinstriped bottom with a floral cardigan and solid top, or go truly big with a print on the top and bottom. One tip to ensure your combo doesn’t clash is to try and stick within a similar colour palette, or ensure that one pattern is a little bit more subtle than the other.

Playing with textures that resemble a pattern is also a great way to transition into mixing patterns. Some textures are so defined that they almost appear to be a pattern in themselves. Try mixing your grainy textures, like this salt and pepper style vest with a slight aztec pattern, and this dress with a multicoloured grain textured feel. The textures are so similar that they work perfectly together.

If you have a really bold pattern, like a large polka dot, you can pair it with an applique for a complementary mixture. Any sort of lace applique is a nice touch to almost any pattern, as it creates a subtle contrast. You can even try this trick with a very large floral print.

Are you going to try mixing patterns this Fall? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for lots of updates, including style inspiration, and follow our Pinterest for tons of fashion fun. For lingerie tips and tricks, check out our YouTube channel.



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