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We women have become used to the idea that fashion sometimes means forgoing a little comfort –which one of us hasn’t limped home at one time or another after a party, vowing never to wear ‘those beautiful, dratted heels again!’  Even our prim great-grandmothers did it during their heyday, too… forgoing indulging in hearty meals and lung-fuls of fresh air for the sake of fitting in corsets to achieve thin, hourglass figures.

Style and  ‘sense’ have long been warring concepts, and perhaps that is why we simply adored Chanel when she came along; she freed us from these constraints, and advised us that girls should be classy and fabulous –always.  With this in mind, let me assure you that “Beauty is pain”, and “You can’t have your cake and eat it, too”, are ridiculous concepts.  With a little negotiation, you can find something aesthetically ravishing and yes… comfortable, too!  Sometimes, even the art of diplomacy has its place in fashion.  Let’s take a peek at some lingerie styles with a reputation for discomfort, and how they can actually be ‘pretty yet practical’.

The Corset

Yes, the corset has a history of leaving countless women literally breathless, but its’ descendants are of a much gentler temperament now.  Although some ladies do still wear corsets to achieve small waists as of yore (like Cathie Jung!), we now know corsets as incredibly feminine undergarments that softly shape and enhance the feminine figure –I know I stand a little more elegantly, a little more straighter, when I’m wearing one.  Perhaps even Chanel would approve… This seductive, deep violet ‘Midnight Kiss’ corset by Blush is sure to support your curves, and leave your admirer breathless.

The Thong

This complex bit of fabric needs a deal of ‘getting used to’.  But once you do, (and with the right size) you will avoid those horrid undergarment lines, and feel incredibly saucy, too.  The surprisingly comfy Florence String by Change of Scandinavia is not only about looks, but luxury — a perfect way to test a new style!


Some women find the feel of lace chafing against their skin.  If you love lace, but have sensitive skin, try wearing quality styles that keep the texture to a minimum or that offer a barrier or lining between your skin and the lace.  This racy, lacy and sheer number from the Bra Doctor’s Brigitte collection is made with a soft lace that doesn’t irritate in the least.  And with lace on the exterior and lined on the inside, Triumph’s “Lace Allure” bra definitely lives up to its name.

Underwire Bras

Yes, more often than not, wired bras are hugely popular because of their ability to help support and shape a fantastic figure, but some women do find them uncomfortable.  (Also, did you know that with tighter security measures at the airport, underwire bras can cause ‘inconvenience and extra scrutiny’ at the checkpoint?  Who needs the extra hassle when you’re travelling?)  Wearing a wire-free bra doesn’t mean you have to forsake looking cute or sassy… because this little lacy wire-free number by Blush Lingerie will prove that theory wrong and far exceed your ‘Great Expectations‘!

What are your thoughts, ladies?  Are you convinced that fashion can achieve a balance between style and comfort?  Share your thoughts with us on Twitter and on our Facebook page — we are always excited to hear from you!


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