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Now that it’s almost December, the time of year has come again where there are family get-togethers to attend, New Year’s celebrations to plan, and holiday events where you want to look your best.  Any day now, your presence might be requested at a company holiday function, charity fundraiser, or festive party where the dress code is above the business-casual criteria. Either way, remember that looking your best doesn’t start with the dress, the outfit, or the shoes. I’d like to give you ladies a friendly reminder to shop for what you put on underneath your holiday garb.  Here are some suggestions for ladies who wish to bare their shoulders (and/or back) in a sultry dress (as many of us are planning to do).The strapless bra worn underneath a fancy dress is a time-honoured classic.  (For in-depth help from Bra Doctor on choosing the right strapless bra, see Look & Feel Sensational Strapless.)  Under certain dress styles, wearing a strapless bra may have drawbacks.  (Tip: take your strapless bra with you when you go dress shopping to see what your options are.)  Here are some easy and quick fixes.

Adhesive Support Cups by Fashion Essentials, available on Now That's Lingerie

Adhesive Support Cups by Fashion Essentials, available at Now That’s

If the back of the dress is a bit lower than your bra, and the back clasps are visible, you still have several options without revealing your bra to the world.  One option is to wear an adhesive bra (they come in silicone and foam, but foam is much lighter and may prevent your breasts from drooping).  Adhesive bras give slight support, lift, and help round out your overall shape, with no bothersome bra straps or back clasps peeking out of your outfit.  (Bra Doctor fitting tip: adhesive bras only provide light support and, since they only accommodate cup size and not back size, the corresponding cup sizing is typically made smaller than a bra cup and is not recommended for women above a small D cup.)  You can also tailor (i.e. cut) the foam (not silicone) to make it fit your dress more closely, and re-wear the cups by adding new adhesive backing.  If you are wearing a bra with straps, you can make the back lower by attaching a little accessory called a Bra Back Converter.  One side has a hook, the other an eye closure, and the two pieces connect to the back of your existing bra, which you then lower (by virtue of loosening your straps), bring to the front to cross over your abdomen, then fasten in the back (you can loosen the slide adjuster to make it better fit your shape).

3-Pack Lifting Hide A Strap by Fashion Essentials, available at Now That's Lingerie

3-Pack Lifting Hide A Strap by Fashion Essentials

Many ladies prefer the support and uplift of wearing a bra and straps, and typically won’t opt for a backless – or even strapless – number.  Halter-neck dresses or asymmetrical straps allow you to wear a convertible bra underneath, letting you play with the straps or at least substitute the traditional bra straps with clear or transparent plastic straps. You can also try a Hide-A-Strap for some dress backs that are in a racer-back or X shape – simply clip one figure-eight shaped Hide-A-Strap piece to your existing bra straps in back and voila! You have a lifted bust and your straps are invisible.  Hide-A-Strap also prevents your straps from embarrassingly slipping down the shoulders of a sleeveless top (so you can wear them for multiple occasions).

Body Tape by Fashion Essentials, available at Now That's Lingerie

Body Tape by Fashion Essentials, available at Now That’s Lingerie

Remember that the finishing touches, the steps that show extra care, thought, and planning into an outfit, are essential to making sure that all the pieces come together. Whatever you choose to put the finishing touches under the clothing of your choice, they will definitely help in creating an impression that will impress.  Body Tape is a girl’s best friend – it is a double-sided adhesive will help you keep your bra taped securely to your dress to avoid fashion emergencies, helps repair hemlines or necklines in a flash, and has many more convenient uses – don’t go to any party without it!

Happy Holidays to you, and good luck!
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