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Flaunting Your Feminine Side

Let’s make a pact with ourselves. Today. Right now. There’s a lot of pressure to conform out there, no matter what society you happen to live in. There are standards that we as women are expected to fill.  We should make a pact to be true caretakers of ourselves and our bodies – our femininity is something we should revel in!

Semi-sheer lacy panty by Arianne, available at Now That's Lingerie

Semi-sheer lacy panty by Arianne, available at Now That’s Lingerie

From the moment we wake up in the morning, to right before we go to sleep, we are putting on a barrier for the outside – our clothes shield us, and what we choose to wear ends up, more often than not, being something for comfort or professionalism. Much more rarely do our hands travel over the hangers in search of something that plays up the feminine side of our bodies-unless we’re on a date, or in search of one.

As women, we exclusively have the privilege of wearing two layers throughout the day-the outer one is for the outside world, and the inner should be…well…for ourselves.  Our most intimate garments should be chosen to comfort us, and make us feel feminine, even when no one else knows what lingerie we’re wearing underneath our jeans or power suits.

1842 Victorian Lace Bra by Triumph, available at Now That's Lingerie

1842 Victorian Lace Bra by Triumph, available at Now That’s Lingerie

My friend Andrea swears by her lingerie. She walks around so confidently, exuding sex appeal and feminine power. I asked her for her secret.

“Shopping,” she told me, with a wicked gleam in her eye. “But not just for anything-I go shop with a purpose. I get what makes me feel good, even though I usually can’t wear what I like to work. It’s what’s underneath, honey. It’s what I put on first. Everything else I wear comes second.”

“Don’t let society stop you from splurging on yourself,” she advised. “Take time to pick out your bras and panties, your garters or what-have-you.”

I picked up her logic for myself, and I must admit, she definitely was onto something.

What’s on your lingerie shopping list? What tips do you have to feel more feminine in the clothes you wear?

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Victorian Lace Bra by Triumph

Arianne Lace Panty



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