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Getting Into Character: Four Fabulous Ways to Unleash Your Inner Bombshell

“Bonjour” to One and All!

I hope you are all relishing in the glorious sunshine we’ve been treated to over the last couple of days like I am. It’s true that setting your clock ahead an hour is kind of a drag on the one night when you miss that hour of sleep, but I am more than happy to throw that hour to the wind if it means nice, long days for the rest of the season! All of that extra Vitamin D has me in a positively giddy mood but for now I will gather my thoughts and focus on telling you all about some lovely trends I’ve been thinking about.

Romantic Desire Galoon Lace Brief by Valisere Lingerie

While you always want to make sure your undergarments fit properly, feel good and look awesome, this perfect marriage of characteristics produces no single outcome. In fact, there are many different styles of lingerie out there! I’ve done my research and come up with four timeless trends that look great on every woman and are guaranteed to make you feel like a total diva.

First, I present to you – The 50’s Pin-Up Girl! As each decade passes, the allure of the old Hollywood starlet only grows stronger. Sexy, demure and sensual, what’s irresistible about this look is that, although it is undoubtedly super hot, it really leaves something to the imagination. The Romantic Desire Lacy High-Waisted Briefs by Valisere shown here provide coverage for anyone who is uncomfortable revealing their tummy, but also accentuates the waist, making them flattering for women of all shapes and sizes, from curvaceous to athletic figures and everything in between!

White Impressions Padded Underwire Camisole by Naturana Exklusiv

The next look I’d like to talk about is The Girl Next Door. Like the Pin-Up girl look, this sort of ensemble leaves a little something to the imagination, but instead of oozing sensuality, The Girl Next Door is refreshing, sweet and girly.  Lingerie in baby blues and pastel pinks will do wonders in helping you to achieve style, but of course, the ultimate sweet-and-innocent colour is always… You guessed it – White (or ivory)! Like this his Lacy Mesh Chemise by Arianne – which is absolutely perfect for any woman wishing to try out this look.


I call this next look, The Who’s The Boss? If you’ve seen Sandra Bullock in “The Proposal” or Helen Hunt in “What Women Want,” you’ll know the kind of woman I’m talking about. Savvy and assertive, The Boss is also a beautiful and powerful woman. Naturana Lingerie’s Young Design Padded Underwired Bra with matching panties strikes the ideal balance of soft femininity and savoir-faire with its simple, pin-striped, black material and dainty little details (bows, lace trim) in white.

Young Design Mini-Pinstripes Padded Underwired Bra by Naturana Lingerie, perfect for The Boss look.

Young Desire Mini-Pinstripes Padded Underwired Bra by Naturana Lingerie, perfect for The Boss look.

And finally, another look that never goes out of style is The Femme Fatale. Sultry, seductive and very sexy, this look includes lace, sheer fabrics and cleavage, more often than not in a bright shade of red. Red is, after all, the colour of love, and the most emotive of all colours. What that means is that even just looking at red can open the heart and ignite the most fiery of passions!  Our very own Bra Doctor’s Brigitte Sheer Lacy Underwired Full Cup Bra and its matching thong incorporates all of the above elements to create the ultimate Femme Fatale ensemble, and as an added bonus, the 3-sectioned cup actually means added support and lift!

Brigitte Sheer Lacy Underwired Full Cup Bra by Bra Doctor

Brigitte Sheer Lacy Underwired Full Cup Bra by Bra Doctor

So there you have it, my darling readers Four fabulous ways to release your inner bombshell! Try a couple out and see for yourself how out of this world getting into character can make you feel!

Wishing you a a great week,




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