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Brides to be, we all know it to be true – shopping for a wedding dress is one of the most exciting yet daunting items on our checklists!

We also know that the lingerie we wear underneath our clothing can make or break our look. So with the landscape of wedding dress styles drastically changing, how do you know what to wear once you say yes to the dress?

Have no fear – we’re showing you some bras and lingerie tips for some of the most popular wedding dress styles right now!


Illusion Necklines

Illusion necklines can be tricky – they come in different variations, and they often show parts of your skin a bra would typically cover. Your best bet is a convertible bra that you can play with to avoid any straps showing.

A white bra, like this Elissa Convertible Strapless bra, is also a solid choice, as if any of it peeks through, it’ll look like part of the dress!

Invisible 3/8 Inch Bra Straps by Bra Doctor

If you feel like you absolutely need to have straps, try our Invisible Bra Straps that won’t show underneath any sort of illusion.


Sweetheart Neckline

A sweetheart neckline is by far one of the most popular and universally flattering styles in wedding fashion. Some may show a bit of cleavage as well, so you want strong support and even a little bit of lift.

This sexy Lace Padded Underwired Bra by Eva comes with straps, so it works for any type of sweetheart dress you might have. As a bonus, you’ll get the ultimate lift!


Bustier Inspired

Wedding dresses are getting sexier! A bustier inspired dress can be just as elegant as any other style, but can also be tricky to wear a bra under. Depending on the material of the dress, you may feel like you have to wear a bra or you’ll show too much.

Look for a bra with a similar shape to your bustier top, such as the Eternally Yours Flirt Bra. It should fit under the shape while not adding too much bulk.

Reusable Silicone Nipple Covers by Fashion Essentials

If you’re comfortable going sans bra, bring along an extra pair of nipple covers just in case.


The Slinky Dress

Many brides are opting for more simplistic silhouettes, like slinky dresses that just lightly brush against the body. An overly structured, padded bra could mess with the beautiful shape of the dress. Go for a non-padded bra, like this sexy Calvin Klein Balconette, that still gives you the support and coverage you’re hoping for.


The Low Back and Plunging

What do you do about these styles that seem impossible to wear a bra under? These sexy low plunges or backless gowns would be ruined with a bra peeking out of it. That’s why it’s super important to know what accessories are available to you.

Some Body Tape is crucial to have on you to keep everything in place, because a wardrobe malfunction is not a thing you want to worry about on your wedding day! To avoid any sort of unwanted show, invest in a Nipple Pad to keep the girls in check.

Are there any other wedding dress styles you would like lingerie recommendations for?

Let us know in the comments below!

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