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How To Wear Polka Dots

The key to wearing polka dots is subtlety.  Because let’s face it, none of us have actually wanted to look like Minnie Mouse since the second grade – and even at 7 years old, the red polka-dot-print dress was pushing it.  Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, wearing a classic polka dot dress in the 1980s was much more inspirational – and doable.  But the polka dot print is fun, vibrant, and just a little bit daring.  Fashion-wise – a winning mix.

In addition to their sunny disposition, polka dots also have a whole lot of fashion history.  Polka dots first became popular in 19th century Britain, and have survived season after season.  Polka dots are a timeless print and really never go out of style.  Though designers may give the print a rest depending on season, the beauty of the polka dot print is that at any season, you can utilize the pattern.

The most important lesson in wearing polka dots, or any bold (a.k.a., loud) print for that matter, is to pick only one patterned piece of clothing or accessory and go for it!  A new trend is to pair clashing prints together – but you run the risk of looking slightly clownish and just a little bit crazy, if not completely fashionable.  The most stylish of the bunch is the woman who throws caution to the wind and wears what she likes, especially if she feels looks fantastic and has the confidence to pull it off.

Play up the innocence of a polka dot print dress with a vintage brown belt.  A polka dot scarf fits with everything.  Try polka dots on a clutch or set of chic gloves – something subtle that still draws attention.  Polka dot pants – probably not the best choice (because who wants a large circular pattern all over their backside … not us!).  A polka-dotted skirt or pair of shorts is much more stylish – but keep the dots smallish.  General rule of thumb – from the waist down, wear smaller patterns.  A polka dot cardigan equals perfection.  Work the classic spin on polka dots; keep it fresh and dainty.  Shoes with polka dot prints are completely fabulous and really stand out when worn with solid basics.

Wear what you love, pull old pieces from your closet, and buy new pieces that truly speak to you.

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{Inspiration Board Created on Polyvore:  Marc Jacobs Polka Dot Scarf; Topshop Burgundy Polka Dot Shorts; Dorothy Perkins Mocha Polka Dot Dress; Juicy Couture Flair Polka Dot Bow Clutch; Miu Miu Polka Dot Peep-Toe Platform Clogs}




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