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The Crop Top

Celebrities wearing crop tops

Not since the early nineties have we seen such resurgence in barely-there fashion.  2011, meet the crop top (also known as, belly-baring undergarments worn in daylight.)  Back in ’97, the belly-baring top had girls sneaking into high school with yards of flannel covering their midriff until the moment the school security guard turned away, and then it was tummy meets world!  Today, the look is being spun into something more chic, but no less revealing.

This season’s runways and major fashion events featured tiny top after tiny top … worn on rail thin models.  And celebrities can’t get enough of the shrunken camisole (again, personal trainers galore.)

The modern woman, hesitant to wear so little, or desperately wanting to eat carbs (when no one is looking, of course), may not be the biggest crop top fan.  But have no fear – the crop top is totally do-able, in moderation.

The grown-up version:  when attempting a crop top, let just a little bit of that sexiness peek through.  Rather than wearing a crop top as the centrepiece of a skimpy outfit, wear great standout pieces around the statement crop top.

Pair a bold coloured or patterned crop top or bandeau bra top with an over-sized vest or chunky knit cardigan.  Still too much skin?  Choose a lacier crop top or camisole and wear it beneath a cut-out tank, backless dress, or something sheer.  A loose-fitting or strategically cut top, dress, or open weave cardigan, drapes in all of the right places to reveal just that peek of something funky or feminine.  Remember, delicate undergarments can be worn as outerwear too!

For a bit of style inspiration, check out the Piikabu Lacy Mini Camisole by Arianne Lingerie on Now That’s Lingerie.   The Piikabu Lacy Mini Camisole in black lace adds that pop of edgy femininity and is bold enough to spice up a simple tank.  The nude Piikabu Lacy Mini Camisole may add even more sexy to your look giving the illusion of skin beneath that backless dress or top.  Plus, the straight neckline of the Piikabu Lacy Mini Camisole provides extra coverage with an already daring cropped look.

And for a few other sweet crop tops to check out at Now Thats Lingerie:  the Piikabu Mini Camisole with opaque stretch microfiber by Arianne Lingerie in black or leopard print, and the Serenade Bustier by Grenier Lingerie for a lacy night-time look with an added lift and some sultry cleavage (because isn’t that the best part about lingerie?)

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{Celebrity Images via Daily Dose of Lies & Instyle}

{Inspiration Board featuring the Piikabu Lacy Mini Camisole in black lace by Arianne Lingerie}

{Inspiration Board Created at Polyvore; here for products}



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