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What to Wear Under Your Wedding Dress

What to wear under your wedding dress - Tips from Now That's Lingerie

Most women dream about finding and wearing the most beautiful dress imaginable for their wedding day. Because of this, it can be easy to forget to plan what will be worn underneath that perfect dress. However, picking out your wedding day undergarments really can be just as fun as dress shopping: you can choose something functional, something revealing, something supportive, or something you cannot wait to reveal to your future spouse later that evening (or to the girlfriends and sisters who will be assisting you in the bathroom throughout the day.)

Choosing a bridal bra is going to depend primarily on the neckline (and back) of your dress. Many popular dresses are either strapless, often with a straight or sweetheart neckline. Many strapless bras a great choice for many wedding dresses because of their plunging neckline. This allows you to have extra support (perfect for the dance floor later) and bare-shouldered appeal, so you don’t have to think about any embarrassing fashion mishaps on your special day.

Because of the backless or corseted style of many dresses, some women will opt not to wear a bra at all, feeling as though the dress itself will be support enough. Some bridal shops will sew in an integrated bra, made to measure, in your dress if you request it specially. For those ladies who require some extra support, and have chosen a dress with straps, look out for a bra with straps as wide as can be hidden under the dress, but still offers a plunging balconette or demi bust shape to show off just a subtle hint of cleavage. If your dress is backless, and you would still like some frontal support and shaping, adhesive cups are a good choice (suggested for A to D cups only for optimum results).

The bodice of your dress is going to be another deciding factor in your undergarment decision: will you wear any shapewear? Most dresses do come with a corset style lace-up back, and can certainly help smooth out and contain any trouble areas. A looser dress can be more forgiving in this respect, but it is a still good idea to consider shapewear in order to allow your dress to sleekly cascade over your figure, if necessary. Choose a shaper that is comfortable enough to spend a full day wearing.  There are a variety of styles which help to support different areas on the body.

Another strapless option for shaping is a corset. Some corsets (with real boning) lace up in back and would look exquisite under a backless wedding dress.  They come in different necklines and colours, provide extra shaping for an hourglass silhouette, and can help with the sexy reveal at the end of the night, especially when matched with a lacy garter belt and thigh-high stockings.

Depending on the skirt of your dress, you may be able to get away with more adventurous panties. A tighter skirt will require more subtle undergarments like a well fitted (not tight!) thong.  Often lace panties will lay smoothly enough against your skin to prevent unsightly underwear lines. Fuller skirts camouflage so much that you can usually get away with brightly coloured panties, ruffles and lace, as well as a garter for good measure (and fun times later on). If you CAN have fun with your wedding day lingerie, you SHOULD have fun! Why not rock some “something blue” panties underneath that dress? (In this case, much more highly recommended than, say, something borrowed…)

What will YOU be rocking under your wedding dress?

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