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Flashes of the 90s have splashed through fashion over the last few years, and it’s clearly not going away any time soon.


The latest flash is the tube trend – yes, tube tops and tube dresses are coming back! This cute style is perfect for the summer, but can be a little bit tricky to wear. We’re giving you all the different lingerie options to pull of this trend and look chic, but also feel comfortable.

So first things first; you’re probably going to want a strapless bra. It is absolutely crucial that you have a strapless bra that Fits. You. Like. A. Glove! If your band is too tight or your cups are too loose, your tube top will not fit you properly and you won’t get the look you want.

If you want to go strapless but feel a little bit insecure about not having straps, opt for invisible straps. You’ll love the extra support and security they give, but you’re not going to see them – well, unless you look really, really close.

If you’re one of those ladies who doesn’t mind showing your bra straps, look for a bra that has a cool detail on the straps. If you’re going to show them off, you might as well make them work for your outfit and add something a little bit special!

Now, there totally is the option to go braless. However, you might want a couple of tools in your arsenal to avoid a faux pas. A nipple cover will help keep the girls under control a little bit. Some body tape will make sure the tube top stays in its place.

Are YOU going to indulge in the tube trend?

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