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“I Could NEVER Get Away With That!” – How to wear hard-to-wear trends

Have you ever laid eyes on a trend that you thought was the coolest idea ever, but then thought, “Oh, I could never get away with that!” If so, you’re wrong! You can get away with any outfit as long as you’ve got the right tools and a nice helping of confidence! See, there’s no innate reason that any person can “get away with” something you can’t. Chances are, that person just knows the tricks of the trade, and, after reading this you will, too!

Hard-to-Wear Trend #1: High-Waisted Shorts & Pants


Ever heard of “Mom-Butt”? This is a hilarious, albeit cruel, term for women sporting high-waisted bottoms that don’t fit, resulting in the bunching of fabric in awkward places, and it is extremely unflattering! Mom-Butt is concern #1 when it comes to this trend, but luckily for us gals, it’s also totally avoidable. In high-waisted pants & shorts, a high-cut thong is your best bet; the less fabric in the general bum area, the better, and the higher cut helps hold the tummy in and makes for optimum comfort. (Believe me, I’ve worn low-rise undies under high-cut bottoms and something about two different waist-lines just doesn’t feel right!)

The second most common concern I’ve heard from women is that “high-waisted pants/shorts

See? Whitney Port looks great in her perfectly-fitted high-waisted shorts!

The second most common concern I’ve heard from women is that “high-waisted pants/shorts make my stomach bulge!” Not true – with the correct fit this won’t happen. It’s really just a matter of getting used to a new silhouette; sure, this trend shows off your curves, but think of 1950s pin-ups – who’s complaining, right?


Hard-to-Wear Trend #2: “Costumey” Clothing

I’m willing to bet 5 bucks you’ve dressed up as a hippie or a rock star for Halloween at least once. Am I right? Knew it. Many women feel silly trying out the super-hot Bohemian or Biker-Chic trends for this very reason. I can see why, especially if you try and go head-to-toe Hippie or Hell’s Angels like we see on the runways. The trick to looking hip and hot in boho or biker garb is to add pieces here and there. For example, pair an airy floral top with modern jeans, a simple pair of sandals and minimal jewelry. Or try a leather jacket over a pretty summer dress. Et Voila! You’re one smokin’ lady.

Hard-to-Wear Trend #3: Heels!

Heels are always trendy, and they are my best friend. At 5’3″ I wear 4 or 5-inch heels to work every day and, believe it or not, it isn’t a total nightmare! Especially this year, as fashion changes and embraces different styles both new and old. For example, the kitten-heel is back! That’s right, kitten heels are cool again! A simple solution, kitten heels add a little bit of height and a whole lot of glamour to your look. They’re comfy and not at all over-the-top so if you’re not a heel-lover, this option’s for you!

The second solution (and my personal favourite) is the platform! Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac is one of my style icons, and she’s worn platform boots since before, during and even after they were cool. It just so happens – and much to my delight – that these beauties are in style again! A platform is great because you can go pretty much as high as you want, without the discomfort and cramping that sets in from walking around with your feet at some ungodly angle all day.

So next time you go shopping, remember there’s no more excuses not to try out the season’s most fabulous trends. Stand tall, be brave and jump in! I promise: you will look awesome.

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