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Who doesn’t love slipping on a fabulous outfit to start the day off right?

For the budget friendly diva, she wants to invest in pieces that will be versatile, with both classic and modern details that will last her for outfits upon outfits.

Luckily, Arianne Lingerie has just what you need!

Long Knit Dress With Long Sleeves

Can’t choose between a mini or a long dress? Get the best of both worlds with this unique knit dress.

You see a little bit of a mini at the sides, with long fabric panels at the front and back for coverage and warmth. Make this dress all your own with accessories, shoes, and so much more in your wardrobe!

Picasso Printed Satin Blouse by Arianne Lingerie

What do you get when you mix retro accents with abstract art inspiration?

This beautifully dynamic blouse features layered puff sleeves and a flattering V-neck. It can take you from work to date night to casual weekends with spunk and style.

Floral Print Skinny Pant

Don’t be afraid to embrace printed bottoms – they don’t make you look bigger, but they do make you look fun!

This faded floral print pant is a fashion-forward addition to any wardrobe. The slim style will work with any silhouette, and paired with any type of basic top, it instantly creates the cutest outfit in a breeze.

Clara Quarter Sleeve Multiway Tunic

There’s nothing that screams versatility more than a top that can be worn multiple ways.

It may look like a black long sleeve tunic, but it’s so much more. There’s a double layer of fabric in front that you can tie in multiple ways, or you can let it flow naturally.

Teri Lace Camisole

Why settle for a basic black cami when you can have one that’ll go with everything, but still brings something special to the mix?

The lace decorated keyhole neckline with a faux choker will stand out amongst the rest of your wardrobe, making everyone wonder where you got such a beautiful item.

Cotton Leggings

You just can’t do fashion without having a trusty pair of leggings for days when you want to look stylish, but don’t feel like dressing up.

These powerfully soft cotton leggings are a must-have, with the structure and coverage leggings often lack, and a subtle polka dot print that’s a little bit different. It’s subtle enough that it’ll blend in with other patterns.

Candace Reversible Long Sleeve Tunic with Necktie

A reversible top that creates two completely gorgeous outfits? Yes please!

The first look features a necktie option to create a beautiful bow or whatever your heart desires. Simply tie those strips at the back and you’ve got a high neck look with slight shoulder cutouts.

Are you itching for some more fashion? Head over to our site to see more new Arianne items!

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