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We always preach about how lingerie care is essential to maintaining your intimates collection, but what about your swimwear?

Swimwear is made of delicate fabrics that, while they’re durable, they need a little bit of TLC to keep up all summer long.

If you take these few things to heart, you’ll be able to wear that cute little swimsuit for years to come.

Break Out The Vinegar

Two Piece Swimsuit by Mapale

Just like your intimates, your swimwear shouldn’t go into the washing machine.

Instead, if you can, you should hand wash them with a little bit of vinegar. Mix it with water and let your swimwear soak in the mixture for about 30 minutes. Think about all the gunk that your swimwear interacts with when at the beach or pool – you really want to let it soak for a while.

Rinse with cool water and try to squeeze and pat out all the water. Hang dry it – it’ll get broken down and frayed in the dryer just like lingerie.

Grab The Lingerie Bag

Flair One Piece Swimsuit by MOD by Parfait

If you’re in a rush and want to throw your swimsuit in the wash every now and again, be sure to place it in a mesh lingerie bag.

You should still hang your swimsuit to dry though. Even with a mesh bag, the bathing suit might not stand up so well to the intense heat.

Wash It Right Away


Female Racing Core Super Pro Back by Speedo

Don’t ever let your soaked bathing suit sit in a bag or on the floor for too long. You want to get it cleaned up right away.

A wet garment in a warm bag will fester in its own moisture, which can create mold and mildew buildup which you NEVER want to come in contact with your most intimate areas.

Don’t Soak Up The Sun


Bold Cut Out Bikini Top by MOD by Parfait

It’s pretty common to hang your swimsuit up in the backyard after a dip in the pool.

It may be a good idea to leave it out temporarily just to dry up a tinge, but the harsh sunlight can cause the color to fade over time.

How’s It Hanging?


Two Piece Swimsuit by Mapale

Place your swimsuit on hangers and let it hang off of something to air dry.

If you lay your bathing suit over a metal rod, it could cause rust marks that don’t come out with washing. Any other surface could create lines and wrinkles that are tough to get out.

How do you care for your swimsuits?

Let us know in the comments below!

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