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Panties I Can’t Live Without

Take a look in your panty drawer. What do you see? A lot of the same shape, colour and fabric? If so, you’re not the only one! It’s easy for us women to fall into a “panty rut” – you find one great pair of undies that feel good… and you stick to them. Well, no more! Just as everywhere you go has a different dress code, every outfit you wear requires different underwear. Here are some essential panties that I can’t live without (and you shouldn’t have to, either)!


The Invisible Thong

Every garment that clings, from long, silk evening gowns to khaki work pants to cotton leggings, requires an invisible thong or invisible panty that eliminates visible panty lines (aka VPL). VPL cuts your bum cheeks in half, giving your backside a wider appearance and looks sloppy. So, to avoid attracting a whole lot of unwanted attention pick something up like the Elita Invisibles Low-Rise V Thong and feel comfortable and confident in any ensemble!

The Bikini

Ah, the bikini. The bikini is my basic go-to panty, just as jeans are my go-to basic bottoms. High quality denim actually shapes your butt and is thicker than the fabrics used in dress pants, meaning panty line isn’t a concern in your favourite jeans! Bikinis are often quite low-cut, to match the majority of most styles of jeans.  If your undies should poke out slightly when you bend over in low-slung denim, a bikini makes a much better statement than an exposed g-string, that’s for sure!

The Brief

Briefs can either be very high-waisted or come in a nice, middle-rise cut. As you likely know by now, I personally prefer the high-waisted feel, which gives such a gorgeous and classic look. This is because I’m a fan of cinching my dresses at the waist and wearing very high-cut pants and shorts, and anyone who’s tried it knows how strange it feels to have two different waist lines going on! But it’s the variety of briefs that’s so awesome: for any woman uncomfortable in something ultra-high, the mid-rise brief provides the perfect compromise, not to mention they create a really beautiful 1950s hourglass silhouette.


The Sexy Panties

Now, whether it be for a significant other or just for yourself, every woman needs to have at least one special pair of panties that makes her feel like a total knockout! Don’t worry too much about versatility because these undergarments are (usually) for special occasions! Right now, my favourite sexy panty is my Bra Doctor Brigitte Sheer Lacy Low-Rise Thong in bright red lace (to go with my matching Brigitte bra!). Treat yourself to something fabulous when picking out your sexy panty – dare for some silk, soft lace and satin that feel blissful against your skin and look delectable in your underwear drawer.

See you next time!



What`s your favourite panty type? Leave me a comment below or e-mail




  • Lonnie

    Hi Rachel,
    Thanks for the fun article !! I thought about my favorite and I would have to say it is the Olga Scoops Hi Cut Brief. I love the feel & the fit, and the lace band at the top is great. I think that when I bend down in my favorite jeans, that peek of lace is “just right” ! I think that I have a pair in every color that nowthatslingerie sells ! I don’t have many thongs, but I may have to take your advice for wearing the Elita Invisible thong under my khaki work pants and silky dresses. No VPL for me !!

  • rachel

    Hi Lonnie! So nice to hear from you again!
    I’m so glad we can share our passion for high-rise undies; hopefully more and more women will start giving them a try. And I totally agree – a little bit of lace can go a long way and is definitely very attractive! I will also say, that the Elita invisible thong is really a must-have. I’ve got it, and you truly can’t see it ever, no matter what I’m wearing – and I’ve got a few figure-hugging numbers hanging in my closet, I confess 🙂

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