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10 ways to preserve your bustline

Ladies, our lovely breasts deserve to be lavished with lots of care and attention just as we do with our faces and hair. Similar skin anti-aging techniques can be applied but here are some specific ones aimed to combat a wrinkled cleavage and a drooping bustline!

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Breast shape is provided by fine ligament fibers running around and through your breasts which over time relaxes and stretches out, causing your bust to drop.

Here are 10 of my top tips to keep them young, firm and halt the dreaded sag:

1)   Always wear a good fitting and supportive bra, it’ll make a huge difference to the youthfulness of your bustline and help support the weight that could eventually stretch out those precious ligaments.

2)   Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, this is the worst thing you can do to your cleavage – always use a sunscreen whenever your chest is exposed. I’ve seen too many “crinkly’ chests caused by excessive sun bathing, it’s very aging and once the damage is done there’s very little that can reverse it.

3)   Daily moisturizing your neck, chest and breasts, just as you do your face. Use a moisturizer with sunscreen for daytime and for nighttime an oil such as vitamin E,  lightly massaged in with circular movements. Whatever you do don’t drag the delicate skin and don’t use anything abrasive either.

4)   Pectoral exercises can really improve the appearance of your bustline. Your breasts rest on the muscles of your chest, the more pronounced the muscles , the more breast projection you’ll achieve as well as a defined and firm chest area. Here are a couple of good ones that you should aim to repeat at least 3 times a week – do up to 3 sets of each exercise between 12 and 20 times and take a couple of minutes rest between sets.

5)   Wear a good sports bra whenever you do any form of exercise. Bounce is bad for your delicate breast ligaments, you want to avoid repeated stretching!

6)   Sleep on your back to avoid creasing between your breasts and across your chest area.

7)   Wear a soft bra or a camisole with built in shelf bra to bed and keep your breasts supported and in place.

8)   Don’t shower or bath in too hot water, or spend too long in the sauna – it dries out your delicate breast skin. Use a moisturizing body cleanser, but choose wisely, any soap or shower gel that foams up and makes your skin feel squeaky clean strips your skin of natural oils and ages it prematurely.

9)   Use a breast toning cream or lotion – a good one will give your bust a firmer appearance and revitalize sagging skin.  Make your own using evening primrose oil combined with a few drops of ‘neroli’ essential oil. Evening primrose oil is rich in the fatty acids involved in collagen production and the essential oils are believed to help skin regenerate.

10)    Wear clothes to flatter your bustline – avoid anything that cuts across the bustline or gapes. Look out for firm fabrics with stretch content, they’ll not only be flattering but give you added support too!

Chest firming exercises from Weightwatchers: Healthy and Fit – Workouts For Women




  • Lonnie

    Thank you Teresa for a very informative article. After reading it, I will be much more thoughtful and disciplined concerning my bustline. It seems to me that your article is full of very good advice! Thank you!

  • Caroline

    I’ve also founded that wearing shapewear bras with extra support help to “preserve the bustline.” These pieces are comfortable too, no underwire digging into you! Great post, as always!

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