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Perfectly Pink: Find Your Perfect Shade

Perfectly Pink - how to find your ideal shade of pink

For the love of PINKAfter reviewing all the gorgeous Spring and Summer lingerie for 2013, I spy at least one common trend… a serious love affair with PINK! Honestly, as a girl, I think it might be physically impossible to hate the colour (or it could just be me!). What’s great about pink is that it’s so versatile and adds some warmth to our wardrobe… plus it’s one of the prime colours for Valentine’s Day gifts. Read more and I’ll help you find your perfect shade of pink.

 Pastel Pink

221508 Great Expectations Semi Sheer Lace And Satin Underwire Bra by Blush Lingerie

This season I’m seeing a lot of pale pastel pink, commonly known as a ‘blush’ type of pink. It’s such a soft and beautiful colour, great for every day or perfect to wear under lighter coloured shirts/blouses. For example, I wore a white loose blouse with a light pastel pink bra. I find it adds just that extra little ‘umph’ to any outfit because you can see it, but only just barely. Makes it more fun and playful. The perfect example of this would be (221508 Great Expectations Semi Sheer Lace And Satin Underwire Bra by Blush Lingerie). These items are so pretty and soft. I find the colour emanates femininity. It’s fun because it’s not a neutral colour like nude, but it’s soft in a way to wear on a daily basis and still feel beautiful (no plain white bra over here!).

Classic Pink

7738 Jade Sleek And Seamless Hipster by Arianne Lingerie.

Since there are so many different shades of PINK it’s hard to pinpoint my favourite representation this season. A pink hue in the middle of the brightness spectrum (not too light or dark) is always a winner. Try 7738 Jade Sleek And Seamless Hipster by Arianne Lingerie. These are the perfect for day or night, like with one of your bra straps showing under an off-the-shoulder top. Rock this hue with a fun pink tank and jeans.

 Coral Pink

CK2401 Smoothie Seamless Microfiber Moulded Balcony Bra by Curvy Kate

Coral Pink is my personal favourite! Coral is a pretty blend between pink and orange – THE PERFECT COLOUR to wear on your nails during summertime or for lingerie or swimwear under your tank tops an camisoles. Because of the amazing summer heat weather I like to wear playful colours that contrast and pop. So, imagine wearing the CK2401 Smoothie Seamless Microfiber Moulded Balcony Bra by Curvy Kate with the spaghetti straps poking out of your top! This colour looks AMAZING when you’re tanned or sun-kissed or have darker-toned skin. Looks good too when you’re ‘pasty’ (like some of our sun-deprived friends) but play down the colour slightly with a solid contrast bottom or top. Honestly, I have yet to find one person that this colour doesn’t look amazing on!

Hot Pink

226407 Sinfully Yours Lace Semi-Sheer Demi Bra by Blush Lingerie

The hottest and sexiest of pinks is definitely HOT pink. There’s a reason why the word “hot” is in the name of the colour! This is the special lingerie set you’ve been saving for Valentine’s Day or a steamy date, or anytime you want to feel extra confident and feminine. This is an empowering colour that can make any woman feel beautiful and irresistible. If you’re unclear about what just how hot this colour can be, take at look Curvy Kate’s Tempt me plunge bra or 226407 Sinfully Yours Lace Semi-Sheer Demi Bra by Blush Lingerie. I can’t see ANY woman wearing this and not feeling like a sexy siren. I can just imagine the singer Ne-Yo coming out of nowhere serenading me with, “you’re one in a million” while I’m posing in front of the mirror with my dead sexy hot pink lingerie set. I might be daydreaming, but who cares, I look and feel sexy in my hot pink lingerie so I’m allowed!


The right shade of pink can be flattering on any skin tone. The darker you go, the spicier and sexier it is! It’s fun, playful and can be daringly sexy. Just like the perfect red lipstick, find your perfect shade of pink! 😉 As Aerosmith said, ” ‘Cause pink is the love you discover”. See, even men agree.

Which pink tone do you like best? How do you like to wear your pink?


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