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Welcome to the second part of our new Love Yourself series. We believe in the power of lingerie and how it’s a tool to help people feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. Each part will focus on a particular body part that people can be insecure about, and how to embrace it with a little bit of help from lingerie.

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, but what if those melons are small?

You still get lemonade!

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However, a small bust can be an insecurity for some people. One may feel like they can’t wear certain clothes or may feel it distracts them from feeling sexy.

A proper bra fitting is just as important for a small bust as it is for a big bust. Your breasts still need comfort and support. Breast discomforts like pain and swelling happen to all of us, so the right bra is essential to keep those problems at bay.

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There are also bras and accessories to enhance the bust, if that’s something that makes you feel more confident and sexy from time to time. No more stuffing that bra!

That being said, we think you should totally own your bust no matter the size! There’s nothing wrong with what Mother Nature gave you. Changing your mindset to embrace what you do have will emit confidence from within, and that’s the sexiest thing you could ever have.

Here are some things that can help you if you need that extra boost.

Push Up Bras

A push up bra features specially placed padding to lift the breast from the bottom up, making them appear fuller or larger.

Push up bras in the modern age typically use a light padding so the bra doesn’t place any strain on your breasts.

Padded and Contour Bras

A little bit of padding or contouring can help balance out your breast, making it feel more full.

It doesn’t add a whole lot of size, but sometimes, that little subtle boost is all you need.

Bra Pads

A bra pad is also a nice thing to have on hand when you’re looking for a more full effect for a special outfit.

There are bra pads that help push up the breast that you can insert in your regular bra, or pads that actually create the illusion of a whole cup size up.



Maybe you don’t want to make your smaller bust appear bigger. Maybe you just want something that’s cute and sexy and fashionable.

You’re lucky in the sense that many dainty bralettes are designed with smaller busts in mind, so you can pull them off with ease!

If there’s a body part you feel insecure about, leave us a comment below or reach out to our Bra Doctor – it may become the subject of our next series instalment!

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