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Top 10 Must-Pack Travel Items

What to Pack for your trip by Now That's Lingerie

There are literally a hundred or more articles online on packing for travelling, and the reason is that for every trip, requirements change.  However, the headache of packing (for those of us busybodies) always remains the same… what to bring, how much to bring, and how to juggle between the practical and the pretty?! After all, we can’t just tote our entire closet with us wherever we go!

Think about bringing these 10 fool-proof items on your next trip:

  1.  Jeans — always stylish, and there are so many styles to suit every figure.  Add to that the fact that they can be worn dressed up or down, in cold or warm weather, and you have a perennial favorite.
  2. Comfy shoes – Whether you’re all about sneakers or ballet flats, bring a pair or two.  They give your tootsies a rest, and you can pound more mileage on the pavement with them then you would a pair of stilettos.  Their compact size is also a bonus when travelling only with a carry-on.
  3. Cashmere sweater & scarf – it can get pretty cold mid-flight, and these pieces will tide you over wonderfully until you reach your destination.
  4. A shoe bag (or two) – keeps clothes separate from your soles, and protects patent leather from scratches.  So much more environmentally friendly than a plastic bag, too!
  5. A wrap dress –Diane von Furstenberg is the queen of practical, glam and flattering.  Take inspiration from her, or grab a similar piece if you are on a budget.
  6. An undies bag — A girl’s got to put her dirty laundry somewhere!  And there is nothing stylish about rummaging through your suitcase to look for something only to have certain thing stumble out at an inopportune moment…
  7. Body Tape – no matter where you’re going, this little roll  of double-sided adhesive fashion tape by Fashion Essentials is a serious life-saver. Cut off as much as you need to instantly fix hemlines, keep your dress in place to prevent “nip slips”, hide your straps conveniently under your top, or a myriad of other practical uses. I never leave home to go ANYWHERE without my Body Tape!
  8. Fashionable jewelry – if you’re packing light, you’ll want to add interest and diversity through accessories and costume jewelry.  Even if you’re already methodically planning out your shopping spree when you arrive ‘on the other side’, you’ll still have pretty baubles to play with.  (Leave the heirloom and expensive jewelry at home!)
  9. Sunglasses – The sun still comes out in the winter, so no matter your destination, you’ll find they’ll always come in handy.  Plus it’s so Audrey Hepburn and mysterious.  You’re not one of the tourists, but an enigmatic figure.
  10. A pillow – At first read, this doesn’t seem stylish, but bags under the eyes are never a ‘want’ on any woman’s list.  Keep yourself feeling fresh and looking perky by getting some beauty sleep as comfortably as you can.  You can even try a little travel cushion you can wrap around your neck – very practical and storable. Wonderful for long, long flights.Bon Voyage and Happy Packing!

What are some items you can’t travel without?  Tell us here or on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!


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  • Lonnie

    I can’t travel on a plane without my ipod! And I always pack a little steamer to run over my dresses and tops if they get wrinkled. It is very small and easy to pack.

  • admin

    Ooh, I definitely think a little steamer is always a great idea, and you’re right, they are sure easy to pack up! Definitely a must for any time you’re travelling with a nice dress or suit in your luggage.

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