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My Photo Shoot With Now That’s Lingerie

Hi again, lingerie lovers!

In this blog, I’m taking you behind-the-scenes at our recent Now That’s Lingerie photo shoot! We had a great time modelling and styling for this shoot – check out my story and the pictures below to see for yourselves.

Me getting my makeup and hair done!

It’s 9 AM and most of us have arrived at the photo studio. We’re all running around trying to set up as quickly as possible to get the show going. In between errands I grab a croissant and smother it with cream cheese and jam, trying to eat as quickly as I possibly can. Unfortunately, Marie-Claude starts on my makeup while I’m chewing my breakfast. Trying really hard not to swallow or move my face while having a big chunk of bread in my mouth is a lot more challenging than I thought. I figure I have to eat ASAP because after my makeup is finished, I know I’ll be shooting nonstop. When my makeup is done, I catch a glance in the mirror and it looks SO beautiful! The makeup is very natural-looking and looks great along with my long and tousled hair.

Me modelling modal camisole

I get to model all these really cute camisoles with a pair of black tights and high heels. Everything goes pretty fast! Christophe Flemin, our photographer, is amazing! You can tell he really knows what he’s doing, and is a complete perfectionist: if the quality of a photo is not up to par, we re-take the shot. The product shots go quickly – we do one shot of the front, one side, one back, then onto the next one! Our other model, Stephanie Serfaty, arrives at the studio a bit later, and once her makeup is done, our speed intensifies, with her modelling one outfit, and me doing the next, and so forth.

My favourite items to wear are the Papillion Blanc dresses, tops and tunics. I’m very much a tights kinda girl and the tops and tunics go so well with them! Tights just give you so much more room to breathe. So, if you eat a big meal, no need to unbutton your pants to make room for your food baby, tights just expand while hiding the tummy. That’s why I love those tops; they are super sexy and flattering yet not too tight. We all know that when we ladies go out we eat and/or drink too much, and we’ve got to make room for the unexpected bellies!

The dresses I’m modelling are so pretty and slinky! They are totally work appropriate and can be transformed into a sexy dress with a pair of heels for a night out. Celine, our Bra Doctor and photo shoot stylist, straightens out my dress and her mouth literally drops open into a huge “Oh My G-D” expression and says it looks so fabulous! It’s one of the best reactions I’ve ever seen. I feel like I’m in a movie where a guy’s eyes and mouth comically pop out along with his tongue when he sees a pretty lady walk by!

Me fixing my hair!

I think my favourite dress is the Papillion Blanc wrap dress. It’s so universally flattering on nearly any body type. Usually when I buy a dress, I have to buy a size L-XL just for my bust, but I wear a size small for my waist and the rest of my body. It can be so frustrating trying to find something that fits all over, but this wrap dress definitely does! It also flatters your bust (giving you va va voom cleavage in the right bra!) and accentuates your waist giving an hourglass figure! 😉

Me jumping for joy in the Alicia PJ set by Blush

At lunch time, we eat A LOT of pizza, veggies and dip! I stay away from dessert because the last thing I want is to look bloated while wearing a sexy nightgown. For the second half of the shoot, Christophe changes the photo lighting in back to blue, red and purple, and we take some sultry, sexy and fun shots! My only complaint is that the studio was a bit chilly… which makes having a fan blowing on you (for the dynamic hair effect!) in the cold even more fun (NOT!). So, when I get to put the comfortable and WARM Alicia pajama set by Blush on, you can definitely tell how happy I feel! I literally jump for joy in a few photos, just from the warmth.

Overall, everything went so smoothly! We did a lot of prep and organizing for the shoot beforehand so I couldn’t ask for it to go any better. The team was SO great, we all had so much fun. With an eclectic showcase of music in the background, we sang and danced around (well I did at least! :p ). I’m not going to lie, just like every other girl I love getting pampered and a photo shoot is no exception. Having my makeup and hair done is one of the best feelings in the world. Especially with Marie-Claude’s technique I practically fell asleep on Cloud Nine! I can’t wait until our next Now That’s Lingerie photo shoot!

For all the pictures check out the photo album on our NTL Facebook Page!

Hope you enjoy the behind-the-scenes pictures! Which one do you like best?
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  • Lonnie

    You looked awesome in every one of your pics Felicia, and it was fun to read about your experience. But I would have to say that my favorite is the one where you are “fixin your hair”. I will never have beautiful hair like that! Thanks for the fun articles you write!

  • admin

    Thanks so much Lonnie! I’m so glad you liked the pictures. As for my
    hair, we had the most amazing hair stylist, I wish I woke up with hair
    like that! Let me know what else you would like to read about 😀

  • Lonnie

    Do a survey. What is your favorite winter sleep wear. PJ’s or chemise or…..! Then show us some NTL options!!

  • Cindy

    I am so happy that everyone conspired to capture such beautiful images of you Felicia.

    I also liked the photographer’s website.

  • admin

    Great idea, Lonnie, love it! Thanks 🙂

  • admin

    Hi Cindy, Thanks again for your lovely comments. I had a great time during our photo shoot and Christophe, our photographer, did an incredible job. The pictures really did turn out beautifully and made our lingerie look even more beautiful! We’re very happy with the final results! 🙂

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