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SHEER GENIUS: Visible Lacy Bras Under Shirts


We love them for their practical (and pretty!) virtues behind the scenes, but if you’re craving a sexy summer trend to embrace, why not try mentioning the unmentionables. Yes, that’s right- exposing a bit of your beautiful bra. Terrified?! Relax. The idea isn’t to waltz out the door unbuttoned from neck to navel (right on Rihanna, so many shades of wrong on the rest us!). There are various stages of executing this sheer genius trend- from gutsy bustiers to a modest sheer overlays- and an option for every comfort level. Read on for the best tips to achieve sheer genius with all your summer looks.

WHEN TO WEAR IT: We love them to bits, but exposing your biggest supporter to coworkers is a potential career-limiting move. To avoid any embarrassing faux pas, limit this sexy trend to outside the 9-5. Can’t wait to test drive the look? Cover up at work with a cute cardi or blazer, then promptly ditch it the minute you walk out that door. They’ll never know!

COLORS & TEXTURES: To avoid things from getting sloppy, opt for solid, bright colors when exposing your bra straps or bra. The result will be clean, streamlined and intentional. Deep jewel tones and neons are perfect colors to achieve the look. We love the Nicole Seamless Padded Plunge Push Up Bra With Lace by Affinitas Intimates, as the lace panelling and deep fuchsia color are perfect paired with loose tanks and sheer tops. Avoid at all costs: thick straps that are wider than half an inch, in tones of white, ivory and beige. Practical? Yes. Sexy? Never.


BACK TO BLACK: Reach for a black lace bra when you want to reveal cleavage or side skin on a hot summer day. We love the Sweetest Sin Lace Push Up Bra by Blush Lingerie for its comfortable lightweight padded cups, semi-sheer lace and sexy minimalist straps.A black bra subtly peeking through an oversized tank, silk blouse or sheer top is a little bit rocker, and a whole lot of sexy. Introverts be forewarned: this look is guaranteed to attract a lot of attention! Be ready for compliments (or sneers) and rock it with confidence, or not at all. Fabrics to avoid: Satin or cotton pieces, as these fabrics will show perspiration marks when the weather gets steamy. Stick with a lovely lace fabrication to never let them see you sweat.


WELL INTENDED: Matching your bra to your blazer is a look loaded with intent. Bold and risque, this look is uber sexy and definitely not for the bashful beauty. To keep the look a touch more demure, opt for a bralet (as pictured) rather than just a bra, which in most social circumstances will probably be too much of a good thing.



Elegantly exposing your bra? It CAN be done! Granted, we don’t all have access to a styling dream team like Diane Kruger or Gwen Stefani, but these ladies present a pretty strong case against ever having to don an ill-fitting strapless bra with evening attire, ever again.The trick to pulling it off with class? Select an intricately embellished bra, like the Coquette Sheer Lace Demi Bra by Montelle Lingerie, which comes in multiple colorways and willperfectly compliment most evening wear. The bra should seamlessly integrate into the outfit- no unexpected pop of color for this look, ladies.


Inspired by the Sheer Genius trend? Horrified at the notion? Which is look your favourite? Let’s discuss! X



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