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Trend Alert: Bralettes & Corsets Over Tees

Trend Alert- Bra Over Tees 1photo:


You know those mornings- when despite standing in front of an overflowing closet- you simply have nothing to wear?! Well, our options are about to increase tenfold- and it all starts with your lingerie drawer. Bralettes and corsets over t-shirts is an emerging trend within fashion circles, and its guaranteed to make you look twice at old pieces you thought were reserved strictly for the bedroom. Curious? Read on to learn how to select the right styles to try out this trend with taste.

Start With A Blank Canvas: This look is all about layering. An unfussy white crew or v-neck t-shirt is the perfect blank canvas to start with for a base layer. The fit should be snug, and the denier high. Avoid sheer fabrics to allow your next layer to take center focus.

Size Matters: Reach for your weightiest lingerie to achieve proper balance with this look. Bralettes and corsets will stand up on their own against a solid white t-shirt. We love the Satin Corset With Lace-Up Back by Grenier Lingerie for its back lace-up feature and decorative sparking denim finish.


Keep It Clean: Although your modesty is completely preserved with expert layering, lingerie worn as outerwear is a bold statement. To keep the tone of the outfit trendy and not trashy, select modest bottoms- think loose trousers, jeans, midis and maxi skirts. Formfitting skirts and painted-on jeans will simply look too try-hard. Select a corset adorned with detail and a fabulous print to elevate the look from sheet wear to street wear. Try the Secret Shadow Polka-Dot Lace Strapless Corset by Blush Lingerie, which will look amazing paired with on-trend ripped boyfriend jeans and sleek minimalistic black stilettos.


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