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Underwear exposed!

There are so many names and terms for all the various panty types in the stores and on-line that I thought it was a good idea to outline and illustrate all their shapes and differences. Here are the most commonly used descriptions (with illustrations) for underwear to help guide you in your shopping!

The Midia panty that sits under the belly button, has full bottom coverage, fairly wide sides and low cut legs.

The Bikini – Low on the hips with a scooped front, fairly narrow sides and good bottom coverage.

The Full Brief – Sits on the waist with full tummy and bottom coverage. The most covered of all panties.

The Brief PantyThe waist sits just below the tummy button with medium side coverage and good rear coverage – can also be ‘French Cut’ with high legs (very flattering).

The String Bikini – Medium coverage front triangle with good bottom coverage and thin string sides or an elastic band running all around the waistline.

The Hipster – Mid coverage panty, the hip sitting well below the tummy button and with low cut legs. (Note: this season’s popular High-Hipster rises up several inches higher than a regular hipster, covering the belly button).

The Tanga – The back coverage is between a bikini and a thong (narrower back than a traditional panty but not as narrow as a thong), and with good front coverage.

The Rio Thong – Slightly more rear coverage than a regular thong covering about 1/3rd of the rear.

The High Rise Thong – Small triangle at the back tapering between the cheeks and flaring out at the crotch. High cut legs, narrow at the sides, good front coverage (slightly less than a Tanga) and sits high on the waist.

The Low Rise Thong – Shorter version of the above with medium front cover – can sit really quite low on the hips – introduced specifically for wear with low-rise pants.

The G-String – Smallest of all with tiny triangle front, simple string coming off the sides and a vertical string going from back waist to crotch leaving the rear fully exposed. With or without tiny triangle insert at back waist.

The Brazilian – A low waist and full crotch, it has more back coverage than the Rio Thong, cutting across the cheeks in an attractive curved or arched shape. Both the front and back are usually cut the same.

The Short or Boyleg– A high-rise panty with plenty of rear coverage and straight, low legs.

The Boyshort – Formerly known as “Hotpants”, have a low-rise straight cut waist with 3/4 rear coverage, with the leg openings usually cut in a slight curve so that the lower cheek is revealed.

So go ahead and have fun shopping for your new Spring panty wardrobe!






  • Lonnie

    Thank you for showing me that there are so many choices of styles. I count about fourteen You know I kind of get in a “rut”, so to speak and wear the same kind. I think that I will take this list and see if I can get one of each style, so I’ll be ready for any occasion! Even if they don’t all look good on me, at least it will be fun shopping !

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