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Wedding Dresses That Aren’t White

The tradition of the white wedding dress can be traced back to the 1800s, when Queen Victoria opted to wear white lace on her wedding day. However, the more widespread belief is that white is the symbol of purity, when traditionally many remained “pure” until the point of marriage. As so many wedding traditions have evolved throughout all cultures, so too has the traditional idea of a wedding dress. Women getting married have so many new and exciting options for what to wear down the aisle, including wedding dresses that aren’t white.

Trendsetting celebs have worn wedding dresses and gowns that aren’t white, making for some iconic fashion moments that are still transcending into the bridal forecasts. Amber Tamblyn was a vision in a perhaps unintentional homage to Elizabeth Taylor in a lovely marigold dress for her lovely nature-filled wedding. Kaley Cuoco married her sweetheart in a pink dress.

Many ladies are opting for one of the hottest colours right now; blush. It’s not too far of a stretch from white, so it still feels quite bridal. However, it adds an extra dose of playful femininity to a woman’s bridal look that is so sweet and still very elegant. Dresses can be found with just touches of blush, as in a skirt underlay or a bodice, or one may find a dress that is, head-to-toe, completely the rosy hue.

Another dainty option for a modern take on a wedding gown is an infusion of florals in a vast array of severities. A bride can consider this option to blend in gorgeously with a spring or summer wedding, or even for a nature-loving celebration. Bridal designs feature many colours and schemes of flowers, which can even adorn a traditional white or ivory dress.

Brides that are truly looking to wow their partner or their guests can even commit to a dress that is completely coloured. Black is absolutely stunning for a wedding, and doesn’t have to be associated with funeral attire any longer. A flowing, ethereal design can be breathtaking for a winter wedding. Colours like red and blue are also fairly popular with wedding dresses.

No matter what the bride-to-be wears, her happiness on her special day will have her looking like the most gorgeous woman in the room when she’s celebrating her unity with her love. She just gets to have more fun with these modern and innovative dresses that are no longer just white!

Would YOU ever consider wearing a wedding dress that isn’t white? Have you already married in a dress that wasn’t white? We’d love to hear your thoughts and your experience. Leave us a comment below, or start a conversation with us on Facebook or Twitter. You can also pin these dresses to your wedding board on Pinterest, and learn some great lingerie tips on YouTube.



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