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5 Apps For Women’s Health

Crazy schedules, tireless jobs, families, and social lives can have us neglecting ourselves, and with continued strides in improving awareness of women’s health issues, it’s vital for women to take care of themselves. Our technological advances can hinder us with distractions and idleness, if we let them. However, technology can also offer us innovative ways of keep track of many different aspects of our personal health. This technology is not to replace doctors or medical professionals, but will give us more resources to use daily. We’ve found 5 apps for women’s health for women to take a proactive step forward in championing their health.



Maven allows women to discuss several different prevalent women’s health issues with medical professionals, from lactation specialists, to gynocologists, to nutritionists and more. Users can fill out a profile or choose to remain anonymous, and give as much background information as they wish to the professional they’re video chatting with. It does cost money to put the Maven app’s purpose to use, but its immediacy and convenience makes it worth it. It’s meant for non-emergencies, and can fill that gap between appointments with a regular doctor. This app is available for Apple users.

Women’s Health Diary


It’s vital for a woman to listen to her body and keep track of changes as her life progresses. This Android app allows women to log several different aspects of her health, including caloric intake, menstrual cycle, and medication. There is also a section to keep personal notes, which can be especially helpful to prepare for any doctor or specialist appointment.

Period Tracker Deluxe


This Apple app does cost $1.99, but the importance of a woman tracking her menstrual cycle makes it worth the cost. A calendar allows women to see when their expected period should begin, and they can make notes on any symptoms, irregularities, and moods. Women can also track their weight and their temperature for a complete view of how their menstrual cycle affects every aspect of their life. Social groups let women discuss several types of issues with other women, creating a fantastic and unique community aspect to the app.



Available for Android devices, the Groove app allows a woman to take complete control of her reproductive health. A woman can track her menstrual cycle, and learn more about her fertility in order to either prevent or inspire pregnancy; whichever she prefers. The website offers various pieces of information to help a woman navigate all of the different aspects of the app, to ensure she’s using it properly for what she wants to achieve.

Early Detection Plan: Breast Cancer


Breast cancer is something that, unfortunately, all of us women need to be aware of and take the best steps necessary to ensure prevention. This Android and Apple compatible app will remind women to conduct their own breast exams, which every woman should be doing anyways. This of course does not replace doctor’s appointments, which this app can also help users manage. This app also comes equipped with resources to learn as much as possible about breast cancer, including signs and symptoms.

Are there any apps that you use that allow you to take a proactive step towards better health? If so, we’d love for you to share with us. Leave us a comment below, or start a conversation with us on Facebook or Twitter. You can also follow us on Pinterest, and learn from us on YouTube.

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