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What’s Your Sleepwear Style?

As women, we are always on the lookout for pretty, chic things in all aspects of life.  From technological conveniences to clothes, we scrutinize over minute details, and refuse to settle for anything less than our vision of what we want and need.  Our obsession with ‘perfection’ extends into sleepwear; after all, pjs aren’t simply garments of convenience that we throw on when the sun goes down.  They are not only a reflection of our tastes and personalities, but also of what we do when the stars come out to play, and no one (or almost no one!) sees us.

So what’s your sleepwear style?

–        Are you romantic, glamorous and the ultimate girly-girl?  The nightgown is your soulmate.  Whatever the sleeve-length, it feels as if almost nothing is on, and depending on the material, can be cool enough for summer nights or warm enough for those chilly winter evenings spent snuggled up in bed.  Swanning around the house is also twice as regal in a robe and nightgown!

–        Are you more adventurous?  Perhaps billowy gowns are not quite your type?  Do Princess Ann’s (Roman Holiday) thoughts on sleepwear strike a chord with you?

“Princess Ann: I hate all my nightgowns, and I hate all my underwear too … I’m not two hundred years old. Why can’t I sleep in pajamas?  Did you know that there are people who sleep with absolutely nothing on at all?

Countess: I rejoice to say I do not.”

Then rejoice, because you will be able to wear the ‘fit-for-royalty’ Leah Flannel pyjama top and pant set by Blush Lingerie –chic and warm for the cold season upon us!

–        Are you a raider? And by that I mean, do you raid your man’s closet for his comfy shirts and undies to feel at home in bed in?  Well, it’s time to get yourself a more stylish equivalent, but with all the comfort your heart desires!  Treat yourself to the button-down sleepshirt from Blush’s Leah collection! (Personally, I am having difficulty choosing between the floral/dot/toile patterns!)

–        Are you the playful, sporty type?  Then silk boyshorts and a soft pima cotton tank top are the perfect match for your personality.

–        What about those days when you simply want to throw yourself into bed and straight into dreamland?  Or are you are a minimalist, and like the idea of ‘boy meets girl’ simplicity?  Then try out the Light Luxury Low Rise hipster by Bra Doctor Lingerie or the Sleek Simplicity Microfiber hipster –both by Bra Doctor Lingerie!  Sensible yet sensual, breathable and flattering, you’ll find these saucy cotton hipsters fit like a second skin.


Feel cute for bed without sacrificing any comfort – your day will start off on a high note when you feel amazing about yourself – that’s something hard to achieve in an old sports shirt and sweats, don’t you agree?


Until next time, sweet dreams!


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