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Come on…Everyone knows you’re not stuck at work, having a night alone with your significant other, and you’re feeling just fine! If only a “girls’ night out” didn’t end up costing so much each time you spend together. Wouldn’t it be nice to get together with the girls without having to worry about how much you’re spending? We all get a little excited when we find the time to be with friends, but why not turn your Girls’ Night OUT, into a Girls’ (or Ladies’) Night IN?

I know I know…you’re thinking IN? So much work for the hostess and at times can end up still being costly! But there are some really great things that the girls can do at home that are affordable and require just a little time and effort! Here are a few different ideas to give you a head start.

Stella and Dot

There are many different types of gatherings you can host at your home, so let’s start with a short list of “Hostess Parties.” These are types of gatherings where basically you (the hostess) find a type of party you’d like to have at your place, and invite a “representative” from that company to your place, and they do the rest!  For example, Stella and Dot is an online jewelry company that has independent stylists who will take your invite list, create and send out all the invitations, do follow-ups with your friends and peers if you ask them to do so to make sure you know who is attending, and then their representatives show up at your place the day of the party and hold a trunk show! Your girlfriends will come over, learn about the jewelry and the company, see and try on most of the newest fashions, and if they choose to, they can purchase pieces or inquire about how to become a stylist themselves or how to host their own party.

Best of all, for you being the hostess of these kinds of parties (like the classic “Tupperware” parties), you can order any of your pieces for a discount, and some companies reward you with points, discounts or free stuff! And if no one wants to spend any money at your party (which rarely happens once you and the ladies get to play dress-up), then at least you’ve all had a great time shopping, discussing friends, family and life! This is only one of many types of these parties you can host.  For the food lovers, discover Epicure Selections; For  skin care and beauty: Avon or Mary Kay; For the sexually divine and wild driven: Fantasia.  For “Donationers” (charitable ladies), there is a company called “Girls Night In” which allows you to create any type of themed party online and send out your own invitations, then the people who attend your party actually donate the same amount of money they would have spend on a night out to a women’s cancer fund – and you even get to upload pictures and blog about your party! What a great way to spend time with your girls and have everyone feel good about giving back!

But I know these types of parties aren’t for everyone! If you’d like a night JUST with the girls and not have to worry about specific times and someone coming over to the house for any kind of set-up… why not try a “themed” girls night in? These can be anywhere from hosting a classy cocktail and martini night, an old style chick-flick movie night, a cookie exchange, a yoga party, scrapbooking party, Wine tasting, Karaoke, or something fun and energetic like an 80’s style work out using one of Jane Fonda’s work out videos!

See! There are so many fun options when having a “Girls’ Night IN!” So take advantage, have fun, and best of all…enjoy not spending a fortune doing it!

Let us know about your plans for your very own night IN with the girls!  Comment here below, find us @nowthatslingeri on Twitter, and check out our Facebook page!


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