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National No Bra Day

No, this is not a joke! National No Bra Day is the day to let your breasts run carefree. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month so charities are doing everything possible to raise awareness on those precious love pillows. This event is happening all over the world and it’s the one day a year where you can walk down the street not wearing a bra and you’ll get more cheers from women than men.

I personally am not such a fan of going about my day braless, so much that I even wrote about it in a blog called, “To Bra or Not To Bra?”. I like to be held up, so I’ll be wearing purple instead (to support braless ladies everywhere). To all the men that want to help raise awareness and for all you other ladies that prefer donning a bra, wear purple to show you care… But whatever you do ladies, don’t burn your bras!  It’s been done before, back in the hippie days. You all know how hard it is to find the perfect bra, so don’t go around setting your lingerie ablaze when you can donate your gently used ones instead!

So will you be showing your support by letting it all hang out, or will you keep the puppies on a leash and sport some purple? What’s your choice?

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  • Lonnie

    I think that I will “unleash” my puppies for 24 hrs!! Let them get some “exercise”!!

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