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The Hottest Home Decor For Less

Spring is here (although Mother Nature may not agree) and that means it’s time to give our home a makeover!

Adding a couple of trendy new items into your home can help breathe new life into your space.

But it CAN be expensive to make these little changes.

Fret not! We’ve been eyeing some trends for you, and found some affordable options to bring modern flair into your home!



Marble has always been an exclusive material, since real marble is incredibly expensive.

This year, marble is being mixed with other materials, like wood or synthetic material, so it’s easier – and more affordable – for anyone to infuse it in their home. Fabrics are even being made with marble print!

It’s fairly easy to find kitchen items with marble mixtures, like this cutesy pineapple serving board from Linen Chest. If you love the print, Amazon is a great place to find textiles, like this simple cushion cover.

Tropical and Natural Prints

Prints can scare many when infused into decor, but they can really add unique texture to the home. They look great against a solid backdrop, like a solid sofa, but you can even have fun mixing them with other textures and prints!

This pillow cover from H&M is inexpensive, and a fairly muted way to play into the trend.

If you really want to embrace all things tropical, make a statement with some curtains, like these we found at Linen Chest!


Geometric Details

Home decor has become a bit more simplistic in that it’s all about the finer details, such as shape. For example, a triangle shaped wall shelf is much more captivating than a single straight shelf, yet they both serve the same purpose.

Cute little shelves add interest to your home and hold your things, like these stunning pentagon shelves from JYSK. You can also scatter interest pieces around your home like these decorative accents from Amazon.

Metallics and Jewel Tones

If it glitters and shines, it’s in! We’re seeing a lot of metallic hardware and even woven into fabric details, and the same is true for jewel tones. Metallic and jewel tones are a simple and elegant way to brighten up your home!

An affordable update to your home is to swap out your cupboard and drawer knobs.

Try these jeweled knobs from H&M for a great sparkle. You can also add metallics in a luxurious way with glassware, like with these confetti kissed glasses from World Market.

Faux Fur

Faux fur isn’t just for paying homage to shag carpeting anymore.

Faux fur is making its way into more details of the home. The softness and warmth really amps up a simple chair with a throw cascading over it, or even in some fuzzy pillows.

We love the coziness of a faux fur ottoman – how chic is that!? This one from Wayfair is so warm and definitely on our wish list.

For an accent here or there, you can get these faux fur rugs from IKEA for so cheap, and they can simply be draped over a chair for some freshness.

What’s your favorite home decor trend this year?

Share with us in the comments below!

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Until next time!




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