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If Disney Princesses Had To Pick Their Favorite Lingerie

With all of the Disney princess movies out in theatres this year, everyone has reignited their love of their favorite love stories.

So we had some fun with some our favorite Disney princesses to imagine what their lingerie aesthetic would be.

Here’s what we think these princesses would wear for their Happily Ever Afters!

Belle – Beauty and The Beast

Belle would prefer a nice mix of modern and traditional, and may even wear a cute corset to help maintain the shape of her beautiful yellow dress.

We love this bright white corset by Bonitaz that plays homage to her signature traditional dress but adds a little bit of spice to her wardrobe. We think she’d put this together with a softer, cute little cheeky panty by Montelle for something sweet, just like her.


Cinderella is a sweetheart, and we think she’d appreciate the fine, ethereal details of lacy and frilly lingerie.

This light blue cami and tap pant from Dreamgirl would be perfect for her to lounge around with Prince Charming! It’s a little bit sexy and oh so romantic, plus blue is such a complementary color to her blonde locks.

Tiana – The Princess and The Frog

Tiana’s beautiful green gown has lovely cascading ruffles that make it stand out.

This Dreamgirl blue babydoll set reminds us of the gorgeous detail we think she’d look for in her lingerie. The cascading ruffles help flatter her body, and the bow in the middle ties everything together.

Jasmine – Aladdin

Jasmine clearly loves a good crop top!

Since her style is somewhat modern, we think she’d like a modern longline bralette from Fleur’t for something fresh. This little set is super pretty and the color is close to her outfit in the fairy tales.

Who’s your favorite Disney princess?

Share with us in the comments below!

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