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Even though Britney Spears is one of the biggest pop stars of all time, there’s something about her that’s always been relatable.

via Britney Spears’ Instagram

She’s a mom, she’s been through her fair share of setbacks and struggles, and she’s always resurfaced better than ever. Right now she’s on a huge fitness kick, and is totally embracing her body and her age gracefully and beautifully.

via Britney Spears’ Instagram

So why are we obsessing over her Instagram? Because that’s where she shares all her fitness inspiration, workouts, athleisure ensembles, dancing skills, and so much more!

Scrolling through Britney’s Instagram, it’s clear to see that stardom doesn’t get to her head. She shares the same things we all do – fun with her kids, inspiring quotes, throwbacks to momentous occasions, and the like. She never forgets her roots and while she celebrates her successes, she remains humble.

via Britney Spears’ Instagram

She also shows ladies that it’s important to take care of our bodies, whatever that means for you, and it’ll pay you back. With so many health issues Britney has had to overcome, plus giving birth to two babies, she’s bounced back harder than ever with hard work and determination.

via Britney Spears’ Instagram

We also can’t forget to mention her awesome style, from workout wear to night out ensembles. She’s clearly all about staying sexy at any age, and we couldn’t agree more! We’re totally wanting to upgrade our workout wear after every scroll on her Instagram. If you feel the same way, we’ve got some fabulous sports bras that are both fashion and function.

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