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What’s hot, trendy, and allows you to show off your cute lingerie?

Anything sheer!

The sheer trend hasn’t breathed its last breath yet, but it’s going in a very daring direction with see-through pants. It’s a style most of us wouldn’t ever dare try, but celebrities are going to red carpet events and even on the streets in this trend. Is this a hot trend or a fleeting trend, and if it’s going to stay, how can you ever try it yourself?

Now, we’re not talking about thin leggings or super-thin pants that show your panties in the sunlight. These are pants made of lace or sheer fabrics that are meant to show everything underneath!

Miley Cyrus’ latest trending look via Footwear News

On a red carpet or at an event, celebrities can get away with wearing almost anything, including sheer pants. Miley Cyrus recently wore a matching ensemble to the I Heart Radio festival that featured sheer pants, and truly owned the look with bright red panties underneath! Miley definitely has the attitude to rock this edgy look.

It’s also quite the popular ensemble choice for many current supermodels, who of course are not afraid to show off their bodies. Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Hailey Baldwin all sport the look every now and then, and each time, they execute it perfectly.

A more toned-down and quite classy version of this sheer pant trend is the suit – it’s not always matching, and tends to be a solid blazer paired with a sheer pant. Keri Russell looked fabulous at a premiere in a black suit featuring sheer lace, and covered up with some mid-thigh shorts underneath. Kim Kardashian West also sported a similar look with sheer floral leggings while out on the town.

With all this gorgeous celebrity inspiration, we’re kind of in love with this trend. Sure, it’s risque, but what’s fashion without a little fun every once in a while? Perhaps we’d save this look for a night out, but with a few tools in our arsenal.

First of all, we recommend wearing this trend with either a seamless boyshort (Elita Lingerie has many comfortable pairs) or a pair of shapewear panties. A high waisted pair is ultra sexy, but whatever the case, be sure it covers your bum and fits like a glove. We also recommend trying a longer top or blazer that helps keep you a bit more covered. Lastly, flash on a confident smile! It’s always the best accessory.

Would YOU ever wear the sheer pants trend?

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