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The Most Elaborate, Expensive Lingerie

There is a spectrum of lingerie, from the affordable and beautiful designs we’re used to seeing every day, to the highly designed and extraordinary that most of us can only gush about. It’s just like fashion in that there is ready to wear and couture, in a sense. On #ShopNTL, we take pride in being able to provide lingerie that works with a variety of budgets, but we can’t help but admire some of the more exclusive pieces filled with luxurious materials and details. So we’ve picked some of the most gorgeously expensive and luxe pieces easy for you to shop that we’ve found lately and admiring them for their exquisite beauty.

Darcia Playsuit Black – Agent Provocateur ($1355 USD)


This ultra seductive French-inspired playsuit is a lacy dreamboat, full of sultry cutouts that make it a wonderfully sexy piece. The scalloping is so complementary to the figure, and it plays with sheer elements in a beautiful way. It’s adorned with Swarovski buttons that are delicate yet super elegant. It looks as though a lot of thought was put into the little things in this piece, driving up its price tag.

Kinbaku Body – Bordelle ($904 CAD)


If you love the more daring and domineering side of lingerie, this bondage inspired body suit by a very bondage-inspired brand is one of the most exclusive pieces you could own. It uses satin elastic as inserts and soft neoprene that’s comfortable, all using a handwoven technique that makes it truly special. The metal details are all 24k gold plated which just adds to its glamour. It’s suggested on the website that it can be worn as outerwear as well, which we think would be a totally chic look!

Floral-Print Silk-Satin Kimono – Carine Gilson ($2045 US)


The reason a piece like this can run for a high dollar amount is that it takes a long time to make, as Gilson spends her time ensuring every single piece is perfect. This stunning kimono filled with gloriously bright flowers was inspired by Alice in Wonderland, for a fairytale look you can wear at home. You can also wear it as an outerwear piece, helping to justify what you may spend a little bit easier.

Coco de Mer Ranelagh Gown ($765 CAD)


The delicately intricate Jean-Bracq eyelash lace adorning the bodice of this gown is just too much gorgeous. The rest of the gown is made of a lovely silk which just shimmers and shines as you glide across the floor. We can just imagine that every glamourous movie star has this in her closet and slips it on when she wants to feel like a vintage glamour star.

Champagne Body Black – Pleasurements ($545 US)


Your body will look as luxe as a champagne bottle – maybe that’s why it has the name that it does? It’s truly is a sensual piece with the most high end materials creating a mosaic throughout, such as Calais lace and Italian mesh, all separated with high contrast straps. It both plays to the trends of the moment and the iconic essence of vintage lingerie, and is cut in a highly flattering way.

Are there any pieces we’ve shown you today that you would just LOVE to save your pennies for? Share with us in the comments below! We’re also on Facebook and Twitter and would love for you to give us a follow there. Our Pinterest is also full of lingerie from all sides of the spectrum, and our YouTube channel has some great lingerie tips and tricks.



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