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One of the most common reasons women have a shortage of lingerie is because of the price tag.

There’s no denying that some of it is expensive, and so you may just gravitate towards the bargain priced bras and panties because you need them.

But is a low price tag always better? Sometimes, yes, but here’s why you shouldn’t cheap out on your lingerie most of the time.

The Savings Are Short Term


This Is Not A Bra Underwire Contour With Satin Bra by Warner’s

When you spend $20 on a bra, you can buy more of them, so it works out, right? Not always.

Those inexpensive bras aren’t usually made with the best quality, so you’ll find their lifespan isn’t as long as you might like. Even with the best care routine, you’ll notice that a few months go by (maybe less) and you have to replace it.

You’re better off spending the money on fewer bras that will stick around a little bit longer.

You Deserve Better Quality


Theory Bralette by Blush Lingerie

For the most part, you’re paying a little bit more for certain lingerie brands because of supreme quality, better fabrics, better working conditions for the lingerie makers, and it even just feels better.

Why don’t you deserve to spend the money on lingerie that’s functional, fashion-forward, and is made with good materials? Even if it means buying less often, you totally deserve to spend the money honey!

Quality Is Safer For You


Keyhole Balcony Lace Underwire Bra by Montelle Intimates

Depending on how cheap you go with your lingerie, you could be putting some itchy, irritating, and possibly unsafe fabrics on your body.

Considering your lingerie touches with some of the most vulnerable, sensitive parts of your body, you want cleaner, more natural, less processed fabrics. You can find those for a good price, if you know where to look.

There’s Cheap, Then There’s The Good Affordable Brands


Sheer Marquisette Unlined Underwire Bra by Calvin Klein

Just because we think you should spend the money on quality lingerie, it doesn’t mean we’re saying you can’t stick within a frugal budget.

We pride ourselves in making affordable brands accessible to you without sacrificing quality, style, comfort, and durability. Look to Warner’s, Parfait and MOD by Parfait, Calvin Klein, and Montelle to name a few. Even our more luxury brands like Blush, Triumph, and Fleur’t are much more affordable brands that sell some truly unique and special pieces.

Keeping updated on sales is always a smart way to get a real bargain that’s worth it. Signing up for newsletters (ours is here) is an easy way to never miss a good deal.

Do you have any tips for saving money on lingerie or other essentials?

Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Julia

    You can mix beauty, quality and cheap for ur lingerie. There are so many brands now on this place that is normal they try to adapt their price. Some young brands are maybe more interessting than the main ones that we have directly in mind. It is important to try différent kind of lingerie.

  • admin

    Hello Julia!

    Thank you for your comment. We do agree that a mix is always great to have. It’s always great to try new brands, as some brands do affordable lingerie very well. Cheap may mean different things to different people, and at the end of the day, you often get what you pay for.

    – The NTL Team

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