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We all put on a bra literally every single day; it’s like second nature.

But are you putting on your bra properly? It may seem like a silly question, but there are a couple things you may be doing that are either damaging your bra or making you feel like your bra doesn’t actually fit when it does.

Here’s a few pointers to keep in mind the next time you’re getting dressed, along with some cute bras to shop!

Your Hook and Eye

Sweetest Sin Demi Bra by Blush Lingerie

Most of the bras women own have hook and eye closures. They aren’t the easiest things to work with, but putting in the extra effort will prolong the life of your bra.

If you fasten your hook and eye by wrapping your bra around your waist backwards, then sliding it over to the back and lifting up the cups and straps, you are stretching out every aspect of your bra and are risking a rip or tear.

Yes, it’s so much easier, but it’s harming your bra! Instead, practice putting on your bra the right way and fastening it in the back – we promise it gets easier the more you do it! If you are physically unable to do so, there are non-closure bras or front closure bras you can try instead.

Forgetting the Scoop

Naked Glamour Strapless Underwire Push Up by Calvin Klein

You’ve probably heard about women scooping their breasts into the cups after putting on their bra so that their breasts sit in the right place. It’s not weird; it’s essential!

You want to take your breast from the armpit and lift it up and towards the centre of your chest. This helps make sure the breast sits properly inside the cup and above the underwire so you get the most out of your bra.

As a bonus, this also reduces the look of side bulge and can enhance your cleavage.

Check the Placement of Your Underwire

Destiny Non Padded Lace and Satin Underwire Bra by Parfait Lingerie

If you’re wearing a bra with underwire, you need to make sure it sits comfortably below your breasts.

The underwires should gently hug the bottom of your breasts and sit on top of your ribcage. Your breasts should be completely above the underwire. The scoop should help position them in the right way, but you may need to gently pull your underwire down and lift each breast more into the cup.

Adjust Your Back Band

Perfect Sensation T-Shirt Bra by Triumph Lingerie

Nobody wants to create back fat that’s not there because their bra isn’t sitting in the right place.

Most women forget that the back band should align perfectly with the front of the bra. So after you fasten your bra, you should gently pull your back band to sit straight along your back. It should never rise up on an angle.

If you do this and it doesn’t feel like your breasts still sit well in your cups, that probably means you’re not wearing the right size. Your back band should also never dig into your back.

Adjust Your Straps

Maisie Wire Free Bra by Royce Lingerie

Do you straps feel like they’re going to slip? Don’t just let them!

Your straps don’t just keep your bra on; they contribute to your bra’s overall support. It may be difficult to adjust your straps while your bra is on, but you definitely should try – or just take the bra off and do it.

Check The Overall Fit

Elegant Lace Wire Free Front Opening Bra by Naturana

Once you ensure all of the above is done, stretch and bend and dance around a little bit.

Be sure your breasts stay where they are supposed to. If the bra rides up too much even with underwire, if your breasts fall out, or if you bra digs into any part of your body, it may not fit you anymore. Our bras stretch over time (especially if you don’t wash them properly!) so even if it is your size, it doesn’t mean it fits.

Are there any of these steps you skip in the morning?

Let us know in the comments below how they work for you!

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