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Celebrate Mother Earth Day – April 22

Fun & eco-friendly ways to love our Mother… Earth.

Some call her Mother Earth, but she goes by many names: Mother Nature, Gaia, Isis, or any of history’s various names of goddesses of fertility, motherhood or harvest.  She is (and has been) revered for giving the gift of life and fertility to Earth and all living within the sphere.  According to the United Nations website: “Mother Earth is a common expression for the planet earth in a number of countries and regions, which reflects the interdependence that exists among human beings, other living species and the planet.”  Whichever way you want to define it, we should do whatever we can to preserve our planet today for the people, animals, and flora of the future.

Express your love for nature and our planet – today or anytime – with these eco-friendly activities:

Recycle your bras.  We all have bras we hang on to that don’t fit us anymore. Donate your bras to someone who really needs them! Click here to read more about bra recycling on Bra Doctor’s Blog.

Give back to the Earth
. Plant a tree or some flowers, then take some pictures to show off your good deed!  You’ll brighten your day and inspire others to do so as well.

Enjoy the pleasures of natural and organic fibers like cotton, bamboo, modal and silk.

Keep your neighborhood clean.  If you see a piece of litter on the ground, pick it up and toss or recycle it – even if you weren’t the one who put it there.

Walk, bike, take public transportation or carpool with friends or co-workers to reduce the gas emissions from vehicles on the road.  Bonus: walking and biking are excellent ways to beat stress, exercise and stay healthy.

Take your kids and/or dog outside for an excursion to the park or forest to enjoy the scenery and get some fresh air.

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What are you doing to celebrate Mother Earth Day? Tell us by commenting below, on Twitter or on our Facebook page!

Celine, Bra Doctor

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