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We’ve reached a point where people are starting to think more about what their putting on their bodies, or how their choices may affect the environment.

If you are one of those people, if you have allergies or sensitive skin, or even if you want a balance between what you have and what’s better for you, cotton lingerie is perfect! It’s breathable and comfortable while also being stylish!

Here are some recommendations to say yes to cotton lingerie and get your collection started.

Organic Cotton Soft Cup Bra by Naturana

Organic Cotton Moulded Soft Cup Bra by Naturana

This soft and simple bra packs a lot of comfort and power.

The soft cup lets your natural shape breathe, as does no underwire. It’s a perfect bra for any lifestyle, all day, every day.

Floral Sleeveless Nightdress by Cybele

Floral Sleeveless Nightshirt by Cybele

Do you always get hot when you sleep, but can’t sleep without the covers?

You need some breathable cotton sleepwear! This cute nightdress has some pretty florals and ruching to make you feel pretty while also helping you rest!

Calvin Klein Cotton Form Thong

Calvin Klein Cotton Form Thong

This is a thong that’ll prove thongs can actually be comfortable.

You’ve got breathable, soft cotton, a simple and easy design, and the iconic Calvin Klein name on the hip. There is also a little bit of stretch in it for even easier wear.

The Essentials Classic Cut Full Cotton Brief by Elita Lingerie

The Essentials Classic Cut Full Cotton Brief by Elita Lingerie

It may not be flashy, but you don’t always need flashy underwear to feel sexy.

This full coverage panty fits well, feels amazing, and will go with everything. What’s not to love?

Cotton Touch Camisole by Elita

Cotton Touch Camisole by Elita Lingerie

Your basics could also use a cotton upgrade.

A simple cami like this one is so necessary for any wardrobe, for under sheer tops, to add some extra coverage, or to help clothes sit well on the body.

Do you love cotton lingerie as much as we do?

Let us know in the comments below!

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